Wednesday, 19 February 2014

The Bedroom Tax violates a parent and child’s right to a family life – what an appeal win!!!

What a win!
Any separated parent and often the father who has a ‘spare’ bedroom for his child or children who stay at weekends and holidays and is hit by the pernicious bedroom tax for wanting to still be a responsible parent and have a family life then read this and SMILE.
Then read it again.  Then get someone you know to read it out to you just so you know your eyes havent deceived you as to what this SENSATIONAL judgment says.
It says you have a right to a bedroom for your children.
It says your children have a right to a bedroom in your home which is also their home
Mi casa su casa!
It says the back of a fag packet bedroom tax ‘rules’ deny you that right to family life and is a breach of your human rights.  It also says the HB regulations that do NOT allow you a bedroom for your child are NOT compatible with the IMPERATIVES of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) in these circumstances.
The coalition call this policy the spare room subsidy and have tried to sell it on morality grounds.
YET there is nothing more IMMORAL than the state interfering and denying a parent their absolute inviolable right to a family life AND THE BEDROOM TAX ALSO SEEKS TO DENY A CHILD THE RIGHT TO A FAMILY LIFE TOO
Next time you see IDS or Freud or McVey laying on the spare room subsidy argument as being moral and just and right and all the rest of that hypocritcal blather, then remember reader the DWP argument seeks to deny a parent his or her child and seeks to deny a child his or her parent….and the court here has said correctly that in these all too common circumstances that the bedroom tax policy is a fundamantal breach of the right all parents and all children have…that of what the Tories used to uphold as sacrosanct…a family life!
Read, enjoy and then make sure everyone knows about this reader
The two page judgment which is also a statement of reasons here in .pdf form  (Page One Page Two)