Monday, 7 November 2016

ARREST HIIM! Barack Hussein Obama tells illegal alien there will be no consequences if she votes illegally

Then try the bastard for treason.

Muslim Bastard Barack Hussein Obama, should be arrested and tried for TREASON, but the problem is, no one will go near the powers that be. Just look at Hillary Clinton, that bitch has got away with murder and paedophillia. When the F B I reopened the case for the 2nd time, Obama told them to close the case and they did so because they didn't want to end up dead like Julian Assange's Laywer, the founder of Wikileaks was found dead the other day, they say it was suicide, but you can bet it was murder.
NO one is safe who try's to take on the government. Donald Trump is a very very brave man, he totally speaks his mind, but there will be someone somewhere waiting to be told to take care of business.

Muslim Obama as stood in front of the TV cameras saying there is no such thing as voter fraud, well Donald Trump knows there is and he has told millions of people that there is voter fraud, it has even been proved, they have people on camera explaining how it's done, but still that freak Obama continues to lie to the people and now he is telling the illegal immigrants they can vote and not face any consequences.

I pray to God that Donald Trump is elected president on Nov 8th 2016, Donald will have both Obama and the Clintons arrested and they will serve life in jail, ther are traitors, they are a stain on America. Vote for Obama people. Right now Donald is way ahead in the polls, so if he fails to become President, then you will all know that the election has been rigged, this could lead to Cival war and Obama and the Clintons and the media only have themselves to blame.