Friday, 4 November 2016

Cardinal Vincent Nichols says: “Britons could learn a lot from the ‘vibrant’ faith of Muslim migrants”


British people have much to learn from the “vibrancy of the Muslim faith” of new immigrants including refugees, the leader of the Roman Catholic Church in England and Wales has said.

UK Telegraph  Cardinal Vincent Nichols said immigrants had been enduring a worsening “atmosphere of fear” in the months since the EU referendum with the members of the public casually voicing hatred in a “self-indulgent” way. (Self-indulgent? I wonder what this French priest would have to say about that?)


He accused politicians of “trading in fear” and said media stories constantly portraying immigration in a negative light were proving “corrosive of our best nature”.


In an interview with the BBC, he insisted that increasingly secular British society could learn much from the faith of new arrivals whether Muslims or followers of other religions. “Of course what we have to learn too is from the vibrancy of the Muslim faith that comes here.


He added:  “I think the immigration crisis is real and it needs concerted effort to address it,” he said. “It needs to be addressed realistically with resources and proper legislation, but it’s almost impossible to do that in an atmosphere in which fear and hatred are the dominant features.



“It does nobody any good, this somewhat self-indulgent way in which people have begun to express themselves and their distaste and their hatred of people who they see as different.  “And that is creating a culture of fear among people who have been welcomed here.”

I have a message for the leader of the Roman Catholic Church and the message is F**K OFF. Is this moron completely stupid? are all Priests followers of the looney left, are they all Labour party voters, it sure looks that way. Any Priest that say's we can learn from the Muslim faith and the refugees (who are not refugees at all) does NOT belong in the Church. 
The Priest say's we can learn a lot from the Muslim faith, do they mean like how to behead someone, or how to stone someone to death, or different way's to hang someone.Or does he mean we can also learn how Muslim men can marry six year old little girls and molest them until they are 9 years old. Muslims say a 9 year old girl becomes a woman on her 9th birthday, so they are then ready for intercourse, is there anything else we can learn from Muslims?
Yes there is, and this is what all Catholic Priests like best, or at least 99.9% of them do. In the Koran it says that Muslim men can molest young boys who have not yet started puberty. It is called Bacha Bazi (Boy for play) this is were Muslim men take young boys and dress them in womens clothes, they are made to dance and sing at parties and then they are led away for sex, most boys are between 6 years old and 11 years old.
Muslims have said that when they take over the UK and apply Sharia Law, then all these depraved sex acts will become law, it's no wonder Catholic Priests are saying we can learn a lot from Muslims, i bet they can't wait for Muslims to take over. Even the Labour party want the age of consent lowering to the age of 10 years old, it seems to me that all the paedophiles in high places like the Church, the Government, the Police force, the Judges, so on and so forth, do not care less what Muslims are doing, they want them to take over, so they can have as many children, boys and girls as they want. They are sick and depraved and the British people should stand as one and put an end to all this. British people rise up, the children of the future depend on you before it's to late.