Friday, 11 November 2016

Celebs Who Said They Would Leave If Trump Elected.

lena-dunham-on-abcUgly Jewess pig, Lena Dunham, is seen here doing a naked “humor” skit on national live TV (ABC) during Jimmie Kimmel’s 2012 Emmy Awards opening monologue. I saw this idiocy myself and it really wasn’t at all funny. Just because the fat little bitch is a Jew we’re supposed to think she’s so great — God’s Chosen, right? Let me tell you, these are the nastiest, most self-absorbed bunch of GD creeps on the entire planet!
By Phillip Marlowe
I see Andrew Anglin over at DAILY STORMER already did a quickie piece on all this. I was going to myself, but got a little too busy with my real world politicking and hateful hullabaloo. I don’t have all the time in the world, you know.
These elitist liberals (mostly lousy Jews and spoiled rotten militant blacks) threatened to leave the USA should Trump beat Shillary Clintorious. But I doubt any will. Why? Because they are total chickensh*ts, who have become filthy rich while trashing the rest of us regular, decent folk any damn time they please.
And you’ll never, ever see any blacks move to Africa, no matter what. These spoiled brats have it way, way too good in the USA. They know that, too, but are too phony to say so. The lousy hypocrites love acting all oppressed and victimized by us terrible White people 24/7, right before heading off to the nearest MickeyD’s to spend that EBT welfare card, or fungible money they get paid by us working taxpayer stiffs while they sit on their fat black asses complaining every minute about “racism.” These stinking brats know they might have to eat mud cookies if they lived in Uganda or any other corrupt Africoon-run Third World country.
Photo montages below. If any do leave (which I highly doubt), I’ll put a big “GONE” stamp over photo and update. Leave info and any additions in my comment area.

BEHOLD: AMERICA’S GREAT THINKERS!celebs-wanting-to-leave-1celebs-wanting-to-leave-2celebs-wanting-to-leave-3


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