Saturday, 26 November 2016

Could a Big Satanic Pedo Ring be Operating in DC?

By Phillip Marlowe
You got to stop and think a minute on just how nasty and foul this pedo stuff really is. Think back when you were a cute little kid, be it boy or girl. Imagine some bug-eyed, ugly old guy, all twittered up and drooling over himself as he tries to get his dirty paws on you in a dark room at some strange city mansion “they” took you to — forcing you to go along with doing sick crap with him or else. What “else” you don’t know. You’re only a stupid little kid and naturally scared as hell.john-podesta-silo
Right before the elections, I briefly touched on this satanic pedo possibility when a Wikileaks email surfaced from Hillary’s chief political strategist, John Podesta (right) from his rich DC swamp critter brother Tony, showing the two were big fans of this performance artist named Marina Abramovic. Her “art” is chock-full of satanic and perverted imagery — just go to the link above to see some totally bizarre crap. The Podesta’s are über NY/DC lefty elitists and snobby socialites, with Tony recently having a nasty public divorce from his big lobbyist Jew wife, Heather. Complete creep city.
And the possibility of a secret pedo ring is not as crazy as you might think. A big pedo operation in the UK is right now getting exposed, involving many powerful politicians and establishment people (watch the heartbreaking video below before they censor it). Seems the Globalists have been systematically corrupting our politicians for their subversive NWO Agenda — long at work brainwashing and turning us decent White people into perverted mud idiots in our own lands. To protect the main (((instigators))), they’ve cleverly installed “PC” to keep us from speaking out openly among ourselves.

It’s time we ID these sick bastards and hang them from the nearest GD lamp posts!

This Jew billionaire, Jeffrey Epstein, was accused of pimping out under-aged girls back in 2008 and finally convicted for molesting a 14 year-old Florida girl. They slapped him on the wrist with a lousy year in jail. He’s been out for sometime, free as a bird. The rich Jew pervert now has himself an island in the Caribbean — God knows what sick vileness goes on down there.
Big DC lawyer Ken Starr got the billionaire pederast Epstein freed and was coincidently (or not) the guy heading up the 30 million dollar taxpayer-paid investigation of Jewess whore Monica Lewinsky’s affair with prez Clinton back in the late 90’s. Epstein also just happens to be Billy Bob’s good old boy Jew buddy. Starr sure does get around. I bet the punk lives royally, since he successfully obfuscated Israel’s wiretapping of Clinton, by burying it in the back of the book as “Country A.”
Yeah, sure, like we can’t figure out what “Country A” really is.
Papers filed in 2006 say Epstein recorded “prominent people” in compromising situations on his property for blackmail purposes — as in “get out of jail” insurance. Sexting perv Anthony Weiner, Jew hubby of Hillary’s chief advisor, Huma Abedin, appears to have done the exact same thing by surreptitiously copying Hillary’s emails from Abedin’s cellphone or laptop to his own “hard” drive. LOL.
None of these Jew rats ever seem to suffer all that much — have you noticed? Everything just disappears down the rabbit hole and they soon get high-paying jobs somewhere else in the big Jew circus called America — which really should just change it’s name to JEWmerika.
"Randy Andy" (Prince Andrew) seen here with 17 year-old Virginia Roberts and Ghilaine Maxwell on the right.
“Randy Andy” (Prince Andrew) seen with 17 year-old Virginia Roberts and Ghilaine Maxwell on the right. Roberts has filed suit papers accusing Epstein of keeping her a sex slave on his posh island estate and grooming her for sexually servicing the dirty Prince.
Epstein’s party sex pals are said to include that creepy OJ Simpson lawyer and big Zio Israel lover, Alan Dershowitz; Asian child molester and film director Woody Allen (Konigsberg) and an unnamed, well-known prime minister (Tony Blair?). He’s also pals in some fashion with Bill Clinton, hubby of big 2016 election loser Hillary — whom we all so love and adore.
Prince Andrew, member of the British royal family, went out of his way to lobby the US government to drop Epstein’s jail sentence. “Randy Andy” has since been accused of having sex with several under-aged girls; possibly provided by Ghilaine Maxwell, daughter of MOSSAD-murdered Jew media mogul, Robert Maxwell (see my “Filthy Birds of a Feather”).
Even Donald Trump has been accused of being involved. But this is probably because he’s so hated by the idiot liberals and Jews simply because the guy wants to fix America’s borders and restore American sovereignty. During the election campaign, Hillary-supporting women victimization hypocrites — egged on by Trump’s “grab them by the p—y” video — went haywire when all sorts of lying, nutcase sluts were dredged up by money-grubbing Jews like Gloria Allred — who’s about the creepiest-looking Jew witch lawyer “working” the Jew media for shekels.
The Wikileak emails appear to contain code words used by the pedophiles, to stipulate which kinds of children they enjoy molesting. On the Internet, this is called “PizzaGate” in reference to a fashionable downtown DC restaurant where these people like to frequent and also the code word they used for little girl victims. (watch second video below for a detailed code word breakdown).
It appears this restaurant (it’s not really a pizza joint like we usually think) is a hang out for DC democraps, but I would not at all be surprised if we had ourselves some retardicans involved. Perversion knows no party affiliation. There’s been plenty of republican dirtbags exposed over the years.
These filthy Jews are the ones destroying the morality of our countries. They’ve been up to it from day-one.noel-biderman-ashley-madison-founder INSET
Hell, a Jew-owned (Noel Biderman, left) website called Ashley Madison, which promotes married people cheating, is allowed to freely advertise their dirty crap on TV just like it was another nice little old business. This is but a relatively small example, as compared to the total filth now in the media. All sorts of vile sickness is on every channel, even during after-school daytime hours when little kiddies can see it and get turned into sex predators and/or homo dirtbags — joining in the Jew fun.
Already much of the younger generations are mixed-up totally jaded misfits, who can’t have relationships that last. They’ve also been turned into gibbering PC idiots, who believe every load of crap spewed out of the liberal media’s electronic rabbis (TV’s). They even reduced lovemaking between normal couples to the status of “recreational sex.” Can you believe the animalistic depravity now promoted in our countries by dirty Jewry since they gained control of the media?
The real reason? The gradual destruction of the hated Goyim’s family structure — in the long run, the less of us White people having bambinos, the better.
And it’s only a matter of time before these backstabbing bastards work to legalize pedophilia with little kids — maybe even bestiality “rights” will soon become another big new social justice push for these filthy, nation-wrecking Jew rats!
They’ve already crammed disease-ridden faggotry and bizarre transgenderism down our gullet. Hell, we can’t even go into a public bathroom anymore without the possibility of witnessing some disgusting pervert pleasuring himself or another sicko pervert dressed in whatever weirdness that gets him/her/it off.
They even had this ridiculously stupid black tranny named “Shi-Queeta-Lee” performing Tina Turner’s “Proud Mary” (such an original song selection for a black tranny, LOL) in the White House last week like it was all so great. Hell, Obongo boy himself is rumored to be a big closet homo, while many suspect for good reason Michelle is really a man. Not surprising considering how blacks have few problems going to prison.
Now the bit about a DC pedophile ring being Satanic, I couldn’t really tell you for sure. I’m personally not getting emails and engraved party invitations from Beezlebub or any of his hellish underworld minions with trippy names like Wormwood (“The Screwtape Letters” written by the brilliant C. S. Lewis).
But one thing for sure, pedophilia is totally demonic, nevertheless.
We definitely need to put a screeching halt to the activities of these filthy dirtbags, pronto. Are you with me, America?
This is big, big, BIG! Please watch Australian 60 Minutes report before it gets censored by Youtube at any moment using bogus copyright infringement grounds (a trick employed by ADL Jews working for Youtube to get embarrassing material against the NWO censored, even though it’s been ruled perfectly legal to post broadcasted material). Will try to get you another embed if that happens since this video really lays it all out!

Jewry knows well this is dangerous to their globalist agenda!