Friday, 4 November 2016

Let’s All Work This Week To Get Trump Elected!

By Phillip Marlowe (the INCOG MAN)
Look, I think Hillary Clinton will be the worst thing to ever happen to America. No doubt about it. She’s a total leftist corrupt creep.
That being said, I don’t think I could be nearly as enthusiastic about a Jeb Bush candidacy or that little Marco Faggio, as compared to the Trumpster. I met a super cute Rubio supporter chick a few weeks ago working for the Trump campaign.
No, I don’t think Trump will be the end-all and be-all for us “evil White racist Alt-Right.” But it’s a start. And the fact of so many leftists and Jews going haywire about him winning is worth it just for that! Let’s see if any of these creeps really do move out of the country if he wins (I’ve got a folder especially set up for photos collected of those who said they would, ready to go into a montage for my site).
I’ve got about 10 or so extra Trump yard signs in the trunk of my car right now, so I’m going out when I can today (I’m banging this out at 5:00 AM) and knock on a few doors to see if they want one. I’ve already given out quite a few. I’ve been volunteering here and there for the Trump “ground campaign,” when I can. Let me tell you that blacks can be totally rude to a White man when they can get away with it, no matter how nice and polite you are when you come to their door. My hatred for this spoiled, murderous, criminal race knows no bounds.*
I also had a Jew woman the other day slam the door in my face. And to think she had a happy looking “shalom” wooden sign next to it, no lie. You could tell she was a real mean bitch when she wanted to be. Tolerance, my ass.
Little did she know, the evil Nazi INCOG MAN was right on her doorstep!
I’ll be honest with you: I’m just a non-descript, regular old White guy. Fairly nice and pleasant. I don’t dress all fashionable, nor like a bum. My hair is just over my ears. Hell, I might just shave my entire noggin if Trump doesn’t win. Yep, I’ll go full-on skin head! Or maybe I’ll leave a Mohawk and look like Travis Bickle and really get the feds on my case!
Let me also mention this one very pertinent fact: It’s unbelievable just how many Trump supporters are really out there. My guess is that Trump will win in a landslide. I’ve personally talked to hundreds of people (real life) and many of them tell me they are for Trump. Plus, my work here has also probably convinced a few.
Do what you can. Chat people up wherever you go. Gas stations, convenience stores, sidewalks, friends, neighbors, countrymen, country babes. Smile and be happy as crap, no matter what slings, arrows and BS is thrown your way. Even act all nice and friendly to the Negroes. Sure, you might like to ship them all back to Africa, but let’s keep that to ourselves for right now.
[blacks brutally murder us decent and hard-working White people all the time, so how about you just scroll down THIS PAGE for a minute or two before any of you leftists act all hot and bothered over that last sentence and start telling people what I said on your ridiculous liberal sites]
Yep, I’ve been working real hard to awaken my fellow Whites to all the crap being done to us. I’m not saying I got all the answers or know everything.
I just know the forces trying to destroy our great and noble White race have money and power. Hell, they got all these slickster, expensively produced media shows all over the TV trying to PC brainwash us left and right these days.
But they are inherently evil and because of that, will lose.
Now for a nice hot cup of morning joe and a smoky toke or two on my brand new electronic vaping device!
I deserve it.
*Just go to my WHITE VICTIMS page and look at the photo of Jenna Rae Heilman at the bottom left of the first montage and read about her murder in Minneapolis. I added her photo just last night. Unbelievably sad story.