Sunday, 6 November 2016

The FBI Have Closed The Case On Hillary Clinton. The System Is RIGGED.

It took the FBI a few months to read through 32,000 emails that Crooked Hillary Clinton was under investigation for. Then another 600,000 emails has been found including emails of child pornography and a Clinton sex ring among other disgusting things.

The FBI have now closed the case after reading through 600,00 emails in just two days? give me a break. Muslim Obama came down on the FBI and told them to close the case, a couple of day's later the case is closed. If it took the FBI around 3 months to read through 32,00 emails, then how the hell is it possible to read through 600,000 emails in just two days. The whole system is rigged.

Hillary Clinton is now about to fix the election so she becomes President of the United States Of America and she will do this with the help of Obama. AMERICA, Don't Let Hillary Win, it will be the end of America, she intends to turn America in to a Muslim country, that is her plan and it is Obama's plan, they must be stopped

If Clinton does win, then the American people must come out in their millions to show their disgust and they must never let up, protest every single day, never let her settle.

It is in God's hands now, pray that Donald Trump Wins and take that Bitch down.