Tuesday, 22 November 2016

The Jihadi War Against Syria and Iraq is About to Switch to Europe, by Nick Griffin.

by Nick Griffin, former Member of the European Parliament and BritRen friend
The Jihadi War against Syria and Iraq is about to switch to Europe – big time! The whole of the EU, including Britain, is the target of a well-advanced Al Qaeda plot to bring mass casualty attacks and civil war to the West, with Germany at the centre of the mayhem.
by former Member of European Parliament and EKP contributing writer, Nick Griffin Nick Griffin
The Jihadi Doomsday plan was developed by Al Qaeda as a response to the rise of its Islamic State splinter group, whose successes and spectacular brutality in Syria and Iraq threatened to starve Al Qaeda of recruits and funds.
Long before Vladimir Putin’s intervention in Syria gave the terrorists an urgent incentive to move en masse to somewhere they’d be safe from Russian jets, the global turf war between Al Qaeda and ISIS forced the older organisation to come up with a new strategy to regain the initiative and see off its upstart rival.
The situation is very similar to that which existed in Northern Ireland during the Troubles, where rivalry between the IRA and the Irish National Liberation Army, and between the Ulster Defence Association and the Ulster Volunteer Force frequently pushed each paramilitary to strive to outdo each other in terms of brutality and ‘efficiency’.
Future recruitment, income, the continued loyalty of the grass-roots fighters and organisational pride all help create ruthless competition between terrorist rivals. Sometimes this spills over into bloody feuds between them, but rivalry for who can inflict the most damage on the ‘enemy’ is the more common and appealing method of competition.
Al Qaeda’s change of tactics
Outdone by ISIS on the Middle East, Al Qaeda therefore decided to shift resources back towards their speciality – targeting the West.
Bringing a wave of high-profile, mass casualty attacks like Beslan and Mumbai to the cities of western Europe is one half of the new strategy.
While Al Qaeda itself has rather slipped from public view, it certainly hasn’t gone away. As well as playing a major role in the civil war in Yemen (backed by Saudi warplanes as well as money and arms), the terror gang which claimed responsibility for 9/11 and many other atrocities has been in the thick of the bloody war in Syria.
Jabhaat-al-Nusra, also known as the Al-Nusra Front, is simply Al Qaeda in Syria. As well as controlling swathes of rebel-help Syria, AQ has also established a ‘Special Forces’ team with the mission of bringing bloody mayhem to soft targets in western Europe.
The Khorasan group – a secret cell comprised of around two dozen elite militants – plan to destabilise the West, using lone wolf attacks and bloody gun massacres like those carried out by Al Qaeda in Beslan, Russia and Mumbai, India.
Officials from al-Nusra deny Khorasan even exists, despite supplying all its personnel, training camps and weapons. But one US official has said the group is close to executing “major attacks against western targets and potentially US homeland” and have plotted to blow up commercial aircraft.
Khorasan leaders take on Western recruits who crucially hold European or US passports. The group’s aim is train these jihadis and return them back on long-haul flights to cause death and destruction on our streets.
 Second line of attack
At the same time, Al Qaeda set about organising a second, and potentially even more disastrous, wave of Jihadi violence in the West, redeploying key Al-Nusra fighters from the Syrian front to be ready to open a new one in the heart of the EU.
The key event was the decision by the Muslim Brotherhood Erdogan regime in Turkey to allow hundreds of thousands of refugees living in camps all over the country to cross its western borders into Greece and Bulgaria.
For several years, Turkey had deliberately kept the refugees in the camps, refusing to let them head for Europe, so as to use them as a recruitment pool and safe haven for Islamist fighters in its proxy war on neighbouring Syria. For some reason – perhaps a combination of Al Qaeda’s need for a new strategy and his personal megalomaniac desire to re-establish the Ottoman Caliphate – Erdogan decided this summer to change tack and allow the camps to empty westwards.
It is not a matter of individual fighters running away. For several months before the Russian intervention, Syrian intelligence noted that, while the Al-Nusra rank-and-file were as active as ever on the battlefield, their intelligence officers and key planners were vanishing from the cafes where they previously used to be spotted.
Within a few weeks, Syrian intelligence officers and volunteer Syrian Christian groups monitoring social media started to notice known Al-Nusra/Al Qaeda figures popping up among the newly arrived refugees all over Europe.
The western media, with typical laziness, have lumped those men together with the occasional Syrian Army, Hezbollah and ISIS deserter, and called them all “ISIS terrorists”, but – at least until the Russian airstrikes changed the game entirely – the simple fact is that the vast majority of those spotted moving to the West were Al Qaeda.
These men are not ‘refugees’, they are battle-hardened and disciplined fighters, moving into position to open a new war front.
Media reports of an unnamed ISIS spokesman boasting of “4,000 Islamic State fighters” sneaking into Europe among the refugees may either have come from an ISIS move to alert the authorities and so spike their rival’s new West-facing guns, or from a belated ISIS response to get in on the new action.
Matter of survival
Whichever was the case, it is now very clear that both terror organisations know they face being ruthless squeezed between the Syrian Army and its allies to the west, the Kurds to the north, Iraqi and Iranian forces to the west and the Russians raining pinpoint accurate death from above.
Thus shifting the war to Europe is no longer a strategic choice, but a matter of survival – hence the media reports in Norway and Germany of ISIS recruiters approaching refugees in asylum centres.
Above and below: pictures form Christian Syrian social media pages of Jihadi rats passing through Turkey’s Hatay airport after Russia’s airstrikes began
Studying online training manuals issued by both Al Qaeda and ISIS, it is certainly clear that both have so many strategists and middle management who come from Muslim colonies in Europe that they have a very good grasp of the situation and potential ‘back home’.
Take this example from How to Survive in the West:
Chapter 6: Primitive Weapons:
After a person has Trained with practice weapons, he should try to get hold of Primitive weapons because they are easy to get hold of and because in many cases they are not illegal.
Primitive weapons are potentially lethal, and are a good source for self defense.
When Mujahideen train in Training camps, they learn; the Theory of a gun (its shootingdistance), how to shoot it, and how to handle (disassemble, cleanse and reassemble) it. They start with the most basic weapons such as Pistols, then work their way upwards towards Assault Rifles (ie. AK-47s).
They then specialize in heavier weapons like Machine guns. Sniper rifles, RPGs (Rocket Propelled Grenades), or Mortars.
So similarly, if someone wants to use weapons, they need to know and gain experience with the most primitive ones first.
In the early Syrian Jihad (in 2011), Primitive and ancient tools of war were used to target the enemy until they could make or capture more advanced tools of war.
The following are a list of Primitive weapons:
- Homemade Bows and arrows,
- Crossbows,
- Advanced slingshots (find the sellers address on ebay)
- Molotov cocktails
- Air rifles (which are easily availabe in hunting shops),
- Pellet guns with metal pellets.
Escalation – we’ve seen it all before
Other online Islamist training manuals set out openly their belief that attacks by neo-Nazis and especially by ‘counter-Jihad’ campaigners on Muslim refugees will lead to the spontaneous formation of local Muslim Defence Squads, which will then clash with the ‘racists’, sparking a cycle of tit-for-tat attacks which escalates into the creation of Muslim-run ‘No-Go’ areas which provide safe havens for the open organisation of Islamist fighting units.
It is unclear whether the Islamists have studied the history of the Troubles in Northern Ireland, but if they have they will know what happened when the same thing happened between two communities living in a small area, in which the background level of violence and the availability of weapons was a fraction of the situation that now exists in most western European cities.
Burning houses in Belfast’s Ardoyne during the ethnic cleansing riots of 1971. Senior members of the KTI lived through those times in Northern Ireland, and we can only say that, if anything, this article understates the destabilising horror of sectarian conflict. We can alo add that, in our considered opinion, the potential for mass conflict between communities is far greater in today’s England (and Glasgow) than in Northern Ireland at the start of the Troubles. There is far more hate, and far more guns, out there today. It’s all just waiting for a spark.
Once the genie of communal violence was let out of the bottle by Communist civil rights protesters and an over-reaction from within a Protestant community frightened by the demographic change going on all around, tens of thousands of families were forced out of their homes by sectarian threats and violence within weeks.
Whole streets were burnt to the ground as the security forces lost control. It took nearly 30,000 British soldiers, together with a large and well-trained local paramilitiary police force, plus large numbers of loyalist paramilitaries, to control a few hundred IRA volunteers and the thousands of young Republicans willing to come out onto the streets and riot.
With the entire British Army now reduced to little more than 40,000 combat-fit troops and a soft, pussified police service, there is no possibility that the British state could control a simultaneous outburst of mass rioting by pro-Islamist gangs in more than three or four towns or cities.
The next time Oldham, Burnley and Bradford go up, the rioters will include a small but decisive number of young veterans from Afghanistan and Syria, they will have firearms, and contacts in dozens of other Muslim communities waiting to launch deadly ambushes on an overwhelmed police force as they open up new fronts to take the pressure off their ‘brothers’.
 Not just Britain
The same is true in France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and every other western European country where the ‘elite’ have set about destroying the old boring, white homogeneity in a fit of insane and genocidal enthusiasm for ‘diversity’ and multi-culturalism.
The ‘Rivers of Blood’ will not be confined to Glasgow, Birmingham and London, because Al Qaeda intend to send the whole of Europe up at the same time (as, incidentally, do their Zionist counterparts running Europe’s counter-jihad movement).
And they’re not working to a long-term agenda. Not only do they need a fairly ‘quick –fix’ to claw back their status relative to Islamic State, but the Al Qaeda planners will also be well aware that, the minute their fighters arrive and start their new lives all over Europe, they will begin to lose control of them.
Briefed to fund their operation through crime, the lure of money, drugs and kaffir girls will begin to undermine their commitment to the rigoours and dangers of full-blown Jihad. Some will get themselves arrested and taken off the streets (though they will, of course, immediately switch to recruiting and organising in prison). Others may drift to ISIS. Communication of changed plans is nearly impossible. The battle-honed edges of training and commitment will quickly losetheir sharpness
Thus, for various reasons, an army dispersed in enemy territory has to be used before it disintegrates. This isn’t a plan which can be put in place several years in advance, the signal to go back to war has to come within a few months.
Gun-running, and two spanners in the Jihadi works?
That, at least, is the undoubted plan. There are only two factors which could disrupt it.
The first is the unforeseen Russian onslaught on what was expected to be a safe base for control, training and re-equipment. [KTI – it was announced this afternoon, for example, that Al-Nusr’s overall leader, Egypt-born Abu Suleiman al-Masri has just been killed in a fire-fight with the Syrian Army] While this will now be adding to the number of Jihadis heading for Europe, the new wave will be arriving disorganised and defeated and without the clear briefings accompanying those who were allocated to the European front in the early summer when the plan was first set rolling.
On the other hand, the massive setback now underway in Syria, and due to follow in Iraq and then Libya, may make it even more important to open the European offensive quickly and with devastating force and fanaticism.
The second is that at least three of the arms shipments which were being smuggled to Europe have been intercepted. [KTI note: Mr. Griffin’s original article referred here only to the shipment found by the Greeks. We can add to this, however, having been told by reliable contacts in our recent missions to Hungary and Poland that police in both countries have seized large quantities of arms that were being shipped to Muslims based on their territory. The Polish shipment was reportedly sent from Qatar via Chechnyan rebels to Muslim students in Warsaw.]
Far larger, however, was the shipload of brand new pump action shotguns seized at the start of September by the Greek coastguard as it sailed from Turkey past Cyprus, apparently on its way to Libya.
The container cargo was as office equipment, but the content was … quite different. A search of only the first two of the 14 containers carried by the Bolivian owned ship Haddad, uncovered nearly 500,000 shotgun shells and 5,000 weapons, similar to that used by the Turkish police. Containers searched subsequently held large quantities of rifles and bullets.
The ship’s supposed destination was “the port of La Paz” in Bolivia. Not likely, given that land-locked La Paz is 12,000 feet above sea level!
The seized shotguns were pump-action vertical magazine M-12s. They are not used for hunting ducks, but neither are pump-action shotguns really much use to Jihadists in Libya, which is awash with AK-47s and RPGs.
Enough for a whole army – but what sort of army?
As more containers were opened, the estimate of the haul rose to around 100,000 pump action shotguns and some two million shells. Enough to equip an army more than double the size of the actual strength of Britain’s!
It is clear that such a shipment could not possibly have been made without the connivance of Turkish police and military intelligence – the same people who have facilitated the supply of men and weapons (primarily) to al-Nusra in Syria.
And the same people as produced the propaganda shot of the little boy dead on the Turkish beach which did more than anything else to force open the gates of Europe for hundreds of thousands of ‘refugees’ among whom have been hidden several tens of thousands of hardcore Jihadis.
The use for the assault rifles is obvious. But those men are trained in the use of modern assault weapons, and have the money to buy them from the overwhelmingly Muslim drugs gangs who control the illegal arms trade in western Europe. Why would they want shotguns?
For the tens of thousands of auxiliaries that the communal violence part of the Al Qaeda plan will produce. If they can smuggle shotguns and shells via Libya to Europe then they could smuggle AK-47s and bullets. So why go for the ‘inferior’ option?
It’s so blindingly obvious that Europe’s controlled media and pathetically uninformed intelligence services apparently can’t see it:
Give ten AK-47 and a couple of boxes of ammo to a gang of untrained nineteen-year-olds in Luton and they’ll blast the whole lot (mainly over the heads of the police and the EDL!) off in a few minutes, take the weapon apart and be unable to reassemble them.
Even if they do get the hang of it, resupplying huge numbers of scattered units in the chaos of a Europe-wide uprising would be effectively impossible. But shotguns are entirely different.
At close range in street confrontations, it’s a devastating weapon which can take down multiple targets with every shot. Even in untrained hands it doesn’t end up pouring a hail of lead skywards. And, best of all, even in largely gun-free countries such as the UK, every country town has a gun-shop stocked with fresh ammunition. It’s just a matter of going to get it.
Thus the pump action shotgun, useless for Jihad in Libya, would be the weapon of choice for the first stage of the Al Qaeda Jihad in Europe.
Now, although Al Qaeda is not as staggering wealthy as ISIS, it is still easily rich enough to replace that lost shipment (which could well, in any case, merely have been the one that got caught. We have no way of knowing how many have already got through). But if it was the primary shipment for the plan, then its loss could force the whole operation to be postponed. Again, we have no way of knowing – yet.
The facts, and something more
Is this speculation? Some of it is, yes. But it is based on a number of very solid facts. That is how I ‘predicted’ both the 7/7 and less-remembered failed attacks a fortnight later, with what the Crown Prosecution Service barrister in my Leeds Free speech trial described as “uncanny accuracy”.
I did not use a crystal ball. Like Powell before me, I just collected and considered the facts, and put myself in our enemies’ shoes. Just as Rear Admiral Parry did a year or so later, when he predicted that – unless the politicians took immediate action - “the combination of mass immigration and Islam will produce a collapse of European civilisation on a par with the collapse of the Roman Empire.”
Such analysis of the facts is all I’ve done here too, at least on a conscious level. But there is, of course, something more, something less logical but none the less real:
If Al Qaeda can resupply their lost arsenal and keep together their command structure despite being hammered in Syria, then the ghastly train of events that will shortly be unleashed all over western Europe will be so searing, so filled with blood and fire and horror, that the almost overnight collapse of a centuries-old order will be on a scale that will inevitably have produced premonitions.
I have already quoted Enoch Powell in this article, so I will conclude simply by pointing out that Powell’s Celtic blood very likely gave him a glimpse of what used to be known as ‘the Sight’. Maybe it was “through a glass darkly”, but I have no doubt that Powell’s vision of rivers “foaming with much blood” did not come from his academic study of Latin literature, but from what was then an avoidable future, and is now the inevitable tomorrow