Friday, 18 November 2016

We’ll Just See If Mr. Trump DOES JACK.

roy-cohn-with-trumpRoy Cohn: Trump is said to have kept a picture of this creepy closet homo Jew in his desk because the combative Cohn supposedly taught a young Trump to not take any crap from anyone. Cohn died of AIDS in 1986 never admitting his gayness, even though New Yorker homos knew he was a big weekend sodomite.
By Phillip Marlowe
Cohn is universally hated among faggots and Jews (mostly the same, actually).
Cohn possibly with a young lover at a 80’s disco. Fags and Jews (mostly the same) hate him furiously to this day — a Jew homo movie called “Angels in America” centers around him dying disgustingly from AIDS.
Jews hate this long-dead Jew, Roy Cohn, since he advised anti-Communist Goy Senator Joseph McCarthy back during the early 1950’s Capitol hearings on secret commies that nailed quite a few Marxist Jews working in government and Hollywood (the “blacklisting” business). McCarthy hired Cohn to avoid charges of anti-Semitism since everyone already knew so many commies were indeed Jewish (most of the spies, too). Some things never change, do they?
As a US Attorney, Cohn helped prosecute Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, the H-Bomb spies who deservedly fried in the electric chair. Jewry still gets a little “verklempt” over the story. Last month “60 Minutes” did a big loving segment on the martyred couple’s two grown-up orphaned kids — now big Jew leftys, natch.
Jews love yapping up storm over this period of history — since they hate this decade in America mostly because it was “too White” and Goyim. Now that Jewry has so racially turned the country inside out, they feel free to go back and reminisce on how “bad things were.” Jews get off big time wallowing in Jew victimhood, obviously enough. That’s why you have so many things in the media about “McCarthyism.” But trust me, Jews were and still are subversive Commie bastards and backstabbing spies.
Now I regularly get a “ration of crap” from some of my awakened brethren about Trump not being the Godsend to the White race. I hear ya. Oh boy, do I.
Let me tell you a couple of things: One, Trump might not have won the elections. In which case, there would have been plenty of Whites suddenly and totally pissed — ripe for conversion to “the Dark Side.” But there was no way I could have predicted Hillary biting the big one and Trump winning. Capiche?
Two, Trump represents an anti-PC awakening for us to piggyback so we can reach other Whites about the purposeful undermining of our race. This is what the Jew brainwashers fear most about Trump. The “Alt-Right” clearly has Jewry sh*tting their expensive pantaloons. They desperately don’t want to see any real “grass roots” movements spread among the White proletariat — especially one they don’t have any real control, along with a still somewhat free Internet exposing them.
In fact, in many ways Hillary winning would have been better for the cause. Simpler, to be sure. As Marine General Oliver P. Smith told reporter embeds at the Korean battle of the Frozen Chosen reservoir when he was surrounding by hundreds of thousands of screaming slanty-eyed Chi-Coms in cheap tennis shoes: “Hell, I’m not retreating, I’m just attacking in a different direction.”
steve-bannon-insetI think it’s hilarious the Jew media is trashing Steve Bannon (left) of the Breitbart media site. Bannon is no “anti-Semite.” Neither was Andrew. Both were and are slavishly pro-Israel. The site is barely “Alt-Right” (falsely claiming to be the mouthpiece), but they do awaken some to the lies and hypocrisies of libtard media. And I’m quite sure Breitbart people know internally the “Jew Question” and what not to talk about.*
I’ve been using the whole Steve Bannon affair in my daily discourse to illustrate how the media makes up all sorts of ridiculous lying BS.
Jew media has indeed been making a big deal about Breitbart’s material being all so “White supremacist.” What a laugh. One thing they showed was a confederate flag and a headline simply talking about White people’s heritage. OMG! So evil. Another was a headline that used the words “Renegade Jew,” but the media cleverly fails to mention this was what one insane Zionist Jew, David Horowitz, called another insane Zionist Jew— big NeoCohen media Jew and Trump backstabber, Bill Krystol. They were only quoting a big cat fight among fellow Jews — nothing Nazi about it.
Notice also how the media is now excitedly talking about son-in-law Jared Kushner becoming a chief advisor in Trump’s administration. Kushner is Ivanka’s filthy rich NY Orthodox Jew husband (Ivanka converted to Jewry and they are raising the kids Jewish). The media would love seeing any kind of Jew at Trump’s ear; they are apparently trying to make it happen legally right at this moment.
I betcha Chris Christie might have something to say about it all. He once prosecuted Kushner’s filthy rich Jew daddy Charles for tax evasion, among a whole host of other scumbag Jew things. But in the end, he only spent one lousy year in the slammer. And probably a minimum security facility like Camp Fluffy, to boot. Little wonder Christie was shown the door with Jared the Jew mucking around.
You know, it’s kind of funny. A lot of so-called conservatives will call you a lefty if you attack Israel. This is due to the lefty Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) people who have awakened to the murderous behavior of the Zionists towards the Palestinians, but bend over backwards not to sound all “Nazi” towards Jews generally because that would be so “racist.”
I’m usually cool with that, since these folks have the courage of their convictions and understand at least one side of the BS.
Let me state a few things here:
  • Blacks are generally criminal types, who brutally murder and rape Whites all the time — including our children and the elderly. We’re the ones suffering horribly at the hands of this stinking race.
  • Blacks are also crazy in the head over racism — mostly due to Jew media brainwashing meant for White people over the last 50 years.
  • Jews are mostly leftys, working hard to turn our lands into multicultural crap holes, where they don’t have to worry about all us Whites having the political demographics to go Nazi overnight.
  • The less power they think Whites have, the freer these asswipes feel to act all Jewy — ripping us off, turning us into immoral slut puppies and have fun keeping us at each other’s throats. This is what’s you’re seeing right now.
As such, there is “no way out except through the Jew.” I forget exactly what evil Whitey first said that. But he nailed it.
Let me point something out to my lefty multicult BDS brethren: Jews totally suck across the board in their control of America. The GD Nazis were right all along!
Now strategically, I probably should keep my big mouth shut about the homies. I understood this angle ages ago. The trouble is, blacks are a completely worthless race victimizing mine. I can’t help myself — I shoot from the hip, mofos. Take it or leave it. But no biggie — neither blacks or Jews are worth a crap when it comes to combat or marksmanship — if you get my drift.
Getting back to the Donald: My guess is Trump is going to be a Jew/Israel ass kisser to some degree. How much, I don’t know. But we can work the angle. I’ve always said “once the left meets the right, the end is in sight (for the Jews).”
Let’s take a page from the Jew playbook and capitalize on anger among the left to point out the Jew. The main task is to awaken Whites to Jewy media manipulations. First and foremost, we must always spread that message. Should Trump fail to keep any promises, blame the Jew. Should he keep any promises — blame the Jew, too. Like a salesman: Tailor the product to your audience.
Don’t worry whenever blacks get crazy — it’s just more ammo. Whites have generally had it with their ape-like antics anyway. Even the young are sick and tired of the one way street with black militants and are picking up on all the race brainwashing in the media. I tell younger people about it all the time. I can see the light bulbs going off.
We have to always exploit White racial anger in any way. Trump may be a perfect vehicle for that, even if he fails on other points. Plus, always look for ways to make it “cool” to be a White nationalist in whatever way. Never fail to nod your head up and down with a big grin whenever folks say the least right thing to you in the real world. Works wonders.
The Jews instinctively understand the danger of Whites becoming racially aware. This is the primary, main goal to our efforts. Jew’s built-in paranoia will be their undoing in the end. Already you see the media bemoaning “anti-Semitism” in the Alt-Right. Good! The more people know Jews are nothing but whiney little trouble-making punks, the better.
Use that.
*True Alt-Right hates Jews and Israel. Anything liberal is Jewish instigated. It’s all to quietly destroy Whites from within and any demographic hold we have on our countries in the West. Remember that