Thursday, 22 December 2016

A Muslim Merry Christmas To White Germans.

By Phillip Marlowe THE INCOG MAN
Looks like another Muslim terrorist attack on Germany, this time killing at least 12 and wounding up to 50. It appears that a non-refugee Paki immigrant killed a Pole and then plowed his tractor-trailer into crowds at a busy Christmas market in Berlin, Germany.
Just think of all the dirty ragheads allowed into the country by Angela Merkel, who it’s virtually certain is a bloody crypto-Jewess pig woman put into a position of power by the globalists out to destroy our White race. They tell us that this is “conspiracy theory” when it’s now completely observable by anyone with half a brain.
White people: Haven’t you had enough? I mean just think of it, we got a power structure bound and determined to undermine our racial demographics in our own lands. Hitler must be rolling in his grave — if he had a grave, but of course he doesn’t since the dirty backstabbing Jews sucked in the USA into war against him — helping Stalin and his Jews to rape and murder Germany.
The same BS is going on in the US, as the Jews in power have been brainwashing us for decades to go along with the gradual destruction of our race with all this stinking “diversity” crap, right along with insane faggotry and tranny perversions. Hell, you can’t turn on the TV for a lousy five minutes before you see blacks treated like the big heroes or us Whites treated like dogs, even though we died by the hundreds of thousands in the Civil War and WWII. The punks don’t care.

I was reading elsewhere on the Internet just yesterday where they said I was really a secret Jew “hasbaRAT” when the term “hasbaRAT” was first coined by me here on INCOG MAN. Can you believe people actually calling me a secret Jew?
These are most definitely the real secret Jews, pretend “Nazis” clearly out to seed doubt among Whites now rapidly awakening to the Jewish racial upheavals and moral degradations — whom I’ve sworn eternal exposure for effing up the entire USA — the greatest country on the planet until the lousy, stinking Jews came along.
And I’m definitely going to awaken even more Whites everywhere, Jew boys, and we’re going to put a stop to your Nation Wrecking of our lands.