Thursday, 22 December 2016

Echoing Pope Francis, Italian Bishop says Islamic terrorist attacks on Christians have nothing to do with religion.

Attacks like the massacre in a Christmas market in Berlin by a Muslim and the murder of the Russian ambassador in Ankara by a Muslim, have nothing to do with religion, but are economically motivated, according to the secretary general of the Italian bishops’ conference.(Gee, let’s see what he says when Muslim terrorists attack the Vatican)

Breitbart  In an interview with the Italian daily, Corriere della Sera, Bishop Nunzio Galantino, said the Berlin and Ankara terrorist attacks were not motivated by religion but by money. “At bottom, there is just selfishness and oppression,” Galantino said. “Wars benefit those who have power or money, those who trade in weapons.”

Galantino was personally appointed to his leadership role in the Italian Bishops Conference by Pope Francis, in a rare move where the pontiff circumvented the usual elective process to name his own man. (one who also has no problem kissing Muslim feet?)

In the end, he said, “poor people die in wars, while the well-off are enriched.” The solution, the bishop contends, “is to be all the more united (with people who refuse to integrate?), more tolerant” (of people who hate you for your religion and culture?) and to “beware of violence, even in the use of language.” (No criticism of Islam allowed)

“Vulgarity and aggressiveness in language fuel a climate that brings out the worst in people and impedes efforts toward a peaceful coexistence. There is a terrorism of language, and you can kill with calumny,” he said. It is not a clash of civilizations, he said. “I do not believe it.”

What a stupid moron this guy is, he is brainwashed just like the other lefties all over Great Britain and Europe. Jesus warned us of people like him and the Pope, he called them a brood of vipers, the religious people who loved to dress in fine robes just the same as the Pope does to this day. The religious people Jesus talked about was later to become the Catholic Church. In the book of Revelation Ch 17 talks of Mystery Babylon, the city built on the seven hills which will be destroyed, for those who yet do not know what that means, the building on the seven hills is the Vatican, they dress in all the fine clothes and gowns, they pray to false idols, just like the religious people did in Jesus time.
They are false, they are liars and they deceive millions of people. They are on the left, just the same as the governments are, they work together to deceive and brainwash you and they have been doing this for years. Jesus warned the people about the religious who only think of their wealth. Jesus said come away from them, they are evil. Jesus was NOT religious at all, he warned of wars that will be caused because of religion, being a Christian is not religious Christianity is not religious. The Catholic Church and the governments are working together the destroy Europe and Great Britain by having Muslims take over the problem is, the people are to slow on the up take and when the penny does drop, it is to late.