Friday, 30 December 2016

FRENCH presidential candidate: “Mosques must be built at public expense, even if we have to break the laws of secularism”

One commenter writes: “That’s right, use public monies to build terror mosques, so the Muslim savages no longer have to hide in basements or lift their asses to allah in the streets. Let them conspire for the slaughter of civilians in nice new tax payer-funded mosques.”

Marine Le Pen’s poll numbers just went up another 5 points.

NOTE: The name “Fillon” is incorrect here. The name of this candidate is actually Benoist Apparu.
I speak to the indigenous people of France. Weather you like or dislike Marine Le Pen, you must vote for her to become your next President.No longer can the French people pick and choose who they want at their leader. Marine Le Pen will put a stop to Mosques being built, in fact she will shut a lot of Mosques down.

Marine will put a stop to Muslims coming in to France and she will deport thousands of Muslims. She will put a stop to halal meat, no longer will the school children be forced to eat it. Marine will put the indigenous French people first and the Muslims last.

Marine Le Pen knows that Muslims are taking over France, she will stop that from happening, she will stop Muslims from praying in the streets, she will stop Muslims from raping young girls and she will make France safe again. But she can only make things right by the French people voting for her. If you do not vote for her, then the French people will loose France to the Muslims.

Once Marine Le Pen becomes President, the rest of Europe will change and they too will stop Muslims going in to their countries. Donald Trump will make America great again. Marine Le Pen will make France great again ad the rest of Europe will follow

I also hope Donald Trump will have talks with the Prime Minister of England and make her see sense to what the Muslims are doing to England, because right now Muslims are destroying Europe and Great Britain.