Saturday, 31 December 2016

Gang of Muslim Immigrants Seriously Injure 2 German Children After Spraying Them With Flammable Liquid and Setting Them on Fire on the Playground.

Angela Merkel: ‘..I made this happen..’

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by, | Michael Stürzenberger @ Politically Incorrect

Hamm Germany – Two children aged nine and ten were injured on Friday in a playground on the street at the island by three strangers.

At around 1:20 pm the perpetrators attacked their victims with a spray can and a lighter.

The children suffered burns and were taken to a hospital for ambulatory treatment with a rescue vehicle.

The transient suspects are young people who looked Eastern European.

All three wore hooded sweaters.

The first attacker had black hair and wore a blue top.

Another perpetrator had blond hair and was clothed with a green top and jeans.

The third fugitive wore black clothes and a cap with bull emblem.

Police are requesting that witnesses please immediately contact the Hamm police at: phone 02381 916-0.