Wednesday, 7 December 2016

GERMANY: Muslim savage kicks young woman down a flight of stairs for no reason at subway station in Berlin.

Although CCTV cameras caught the face of the thug who kicked her as well as his friends, according to BILD, police are neither searching for the perpetrators nor have determined whether the video evidence is usable. The four of them casually walk away as the  woman lies injured at the bottom of the stairs.

That Muslim loving BITCH Angela Merkel as told the police not to take any action when they see Muslims commit a crime, they are to be left alone. In one statement Merkel told the press that the people of Germany must get used to Muslims committing crimes.

That Muslim bastard could have killed that young women, but no one did a thing about it. The people of Germany must start looking out for each other, because the police will not help you. Angela Merkel has destroyed Germany, what was once a beautiful country, is now being taken over by the Muslims and the government and the police are allowing it to happen.

The German people must rise up together as one  and destroy the Muslims, because if they don't, then the Muslims will destroy the German people,