Saturday, 3 December 2016

Is this weekend the EU DIES? Major votes in Italy and Austria could spark end of the bloc.

THE EUROPEAN UNION looks set to be shattered by a potential influx of Eurosceptic country leaders who refuse to toe the line of the Brussels elite.

L-R - Matteo Renzi, Jean-Cluade Juncker and Norbert HoferGETTY
Matteo Renzi faces defeat while Norbert Hofer (right) is poised for election
This weekend Austria could be set to elect its first far-right leader while Italy could simultaneously lose its Europhile Prime Minister.
Both outcomes would be a massive blow to the Union as fear begins to spread around the the corridors of Brussels - both nations have put a vote to the people and could start the process of engineering themselves out of the EU.
The beleaguered EU boss Jean-Claude Juncker is watching his superstate dream slips away as the Brexit feeling from Britain spreads over the borders.
Terrified Mr Juncker admitted he knows Europeans have a “lack of love” for the Brussels club.