Monday, 12 December 2016

ITALY: CATHOLIC PRIEST sparks outrage after he cancels Nativity scene because it could offend Muslims.

nativity-scene-753583Fr Sante Braggiè, from the city of Cremona in northern Italy, said there would be no nativity scene at the local cemetery this year as it could offend people from other faiths whose relatives are buried there. A small corner of the cemetery is reserved for Muslim graves.

a8485888813fc7fecf8a295d70366f2bUK Express  (h/t Terry D) “A crib positioned within sight of them could be seen as a lack of respect for followers of other faiths, hurt the sensibilities of Muslims.”

“In short, it would be a mess.”The priest also said that there were a shortage of council workers to set up the crib. Fr Oreste Mori, Fr Braggiè’s predecessor, said: “Seriously? I can’t believe it.” 

Muslims lifting their asses to Allah in front of landmarks like the Coliseum in Rome
Muslims lifting their asses to Allah in front of landmarks like the Coliseum in Rome is very offensive to Italians

According to a report in the Italian newspaper Courier della Serra, he said: “We cannot renounce our culture and traditions. “That would be an unpardonable weakness.” “I am, for the time being at least, in Italy, not Saudi Arabia.”

Local councillors have also blasted the priest’s comments, calling on the religious leader to change his mind and run the nativity.


Councillor Cristina Cappellini said: “I hope Fr Braggiè changes his mind and apologises to the community. “A parish priest should preserve, honour and promote the symbols of our culture, of our traditions, of our Christian identity.”

The local chief of the right wing Northern League Pietro Burgazzi said: “I hope the decision not to put up a crib was not ideological, but hearing the criticisms it seems that it was.

“I want to stress the importance of the Christmas crib as a sign of Christian witness, which is always appreciated by the people of Cremona.”

African Muslim invaders destroying southern Italy:

                                                                                                                                               The other day a priest in Sweden took down all the crosses from her Church because she does not want to offend Muslims. She wants all the other Churches in Sweden to do the same.

In London Muslims made a vile poster, saying how evil Christmas is and Muslims have said that when they take over, they will Ban Christmas. They will also ban Easter and every other tradition that we hold dear.

Now in Italy a priest has banned the Nativity. Italy is a very religious country, it always has been, but it is obvious that Islam means more to this Priest, than God does. What these Priests and Vicars and Ministers and Pastors don't realize, is they are playing right in to the hands of the Muslims. Muslims are laughing at the Church and the weak leaders, they have become a laughing stock.

The Governments of Europe and Great Britain are sitting back and allowing the Church's to be mocked by Muslims, the people of Europe and great Britain, seem to be brainwashed against anything that Muslims do, therefore they don't not care less weather the Church's are being taken over of not and the same thing goes for the countries being taken over too. And now the Church itself is allowing Islam to take over, even the pope is bowing down to the Muslims and kissing their feet.

In the Bible, Mary Magdalene's tears fell on to Jesus feet. Mary wiped the tears away with her hair and then anointed Jesus feet with perfume. Mary Magdalene washed the Son of God's feet. Jesus also washed the feet of his Disciples, the twelve men that was chosen by the Son of God to work with him.

That is totally different all together than what Jesus did and the same goes for Mary Magdalene, because Jesus forgave her sins and she remained with Jesus until the day he went to the cross. But the Pope is kissing the feet of the enemy, he he kissing the feet of the people who want to take over the Church, the Pope is kissing the feet of the devil's children and he is bowing to Islam.

Any Priest or Minister of the Church who removed the Cross, any Priest of Minister of the Church that takes away the Nativity and any Priest  or Minister of the Church who bow's down to Islam and kisses the feet of the enemy, is NOT a man/woman of God and should be removed. A true man/woman of God would warn the people about the evil of Islam. One preacher invited Muslims in to his Church to hold a Muslim service. if these so called men and women of God would read their bible, they would realize that they are committing a terrible sin, but on their head be it.

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