Friday, 2 December 2016

Of Course ILLEGALS Voted in The Elections Gringos!

By Phillip Marlowe
"Der Fuerher" Trump may not be a big Mr. Nice Guy, but that's exactly who we need as president. (INCOG)
“Der Fuerher” Trump was absolutely right about illegals voting.
Have you noticed that every minute since Hillary’s disastrous defeat, the media has been pounding it over and over that “Hillary won the popular vote” and Trump must be crazy saying illegals voted? These brainwashers use this constant drip, drip, drip, to make sure dumbasses out here believe their BS, even when they all know they are doing number on our heads.
These leftists go on about this “popular vote” because they so wanted Hillary as the first woman president. Disappointed, they are trying to make us believe “the will of the people” was stolen by electoral college trickery put in place by “racist, slave-owning Old Dead White Dudes” (the Founding Fathers). This is just the usual Jewish anti-White brainwashing.
These rats have been calling them “undocumented workers” for the last 8 years, after Obongo was put in office. Even FOX News does, too. And it sounds stupid hearing these reporters say it. They are here illegally! Hell, the media has been claiming 11 million illegals since the last century when we know that’s got to be wrong. It’s at least 20 million, maybe upwards of 30 million illegal Mestizos running free — drunkenly wrecking us on the highway, collecting taxpayer freebies, drug-dealing, raping, robbing and murdering American citizens — including Spanish descended Whites (Caucasians).
Of course illegals voted! Studies conducted by Virginia universities, George Mason and Old Dominion, concluded up to 2.8 million illegal aliens voted in the 2008 elections. Plus, they most likely voted democrap, since these traitors are trying to destroy White voter demographics. And there’s perfectly logical reasons to suspect this number would be even higher in the 2016 election, since Trump was portrayed as so evil to illegals by the traitorous leftist media; plus we have even more illegals now than back in 2008.
And indeed, it’s easy to scam the system. Commiefornia and New York state issue driver’s licenses to illegals, and though they are not supposed to vote, it is easy to do so by using forged Social Security cards, bought on the black market, which many illegals already have. Hell, Obongo himself is said to have a SS number issued for Connecticut live births, when he was supposedly born in Hawaii.
Nobody does any real checking. Nobody gives a damn anymore. The rats have been gradually turning America into a non-White Third World nation for years.
Plus, leftist “get-out-the-vote” operations in those states work openly to school illegals in what to do. You never see any reporting on this kind of thing, since they don’t want us Whites to know how much they are stabbing America in the back.
In fact, the traitorous media never even said “sanctuary cities” until Trump ran in the republican primaries and spoke openly in public. Even FOX news kept quiet until now (but they won’t tell you that). The rest, like CNN and MSNBC, still shy away from the subject, if possible. Awakened Whites (us “racists”) knew all about it, and we could see for years how the media never said a GD thing!
Us White Americans have totally been screwed over.
Most democrat rats openly support letting illegals vote. Obongo himself encouraged illegals to vote during a Youtube interview with a LAH-TEEN-OH reporter right before the elections. He said they should just go to polls and vote — not to worry about any stinking legal prosecution. Some lousy GD traitor president!
Jew media lezbo, Ellen Degenerate, is seen ogling Katy Perry’s nice ones backstage at a celebrity event.
On my home page yesterday was this headliner article about some big UNICEF awards ceremony where poor little Hillary made a surprise appearance to hand the night’s top award to her big supporter, Katy Perry. Associated Press writer, Nekesa Mumbi Moody —  an Affirmative action Negro who can’t write worth a crap — made sure to stick somewhere in her stupid article that Hillary “won the popular vote.”
They just go on and on and on about this popular vote BS, don’t they?
Just because Katy Perry has herself a nice big ol’ set of Ta Tas so loved by all us straight guys and freaky bull dykes, doesn’t mean you got to listen to her libtard idiocy!
The Associated Press has been a huge Jew brainwashing operation from the start, who put out the official “stylebook” for reporters everywhere to follow — at least if they know what’s good for them. They are now ordering media people to use the term “Neo-Nazi” to label any “Alt-Right” people instead. Total BS! Everyone needs to talk about this line of Jew bull.
These damn Jews have been busy brainwashing America for decades with utter lies like this. They absolutely can’t allow any good Americans to stray from the farm or else we might just start getting a lot of dangerous beliefs.
One of the big things, maybe the biggest, is this never-ending “Holocaust” crap. They go on and on and on about it. Or have you noticed already? LOL. You can’t channel surf for five lousy minutes before you come across another Nazi-Hitler-Holocaust documentary or stupid new Hollywood movie where some poor little Jew kid barely survives the goose-stepping evil White Nazis by eating cockroaches for years.
Henry Gibson in 1980's "Blues Brothers." His character was modeled on a secret Jew pretend Nazi named Xxxxx.
Henry Gibson in the 1980 “Blues Brothers.” His character was modeled on a secret Jew Nazi and pedophile named Frank Collin, who’s real name was Cohen or Cohn, as in “Conman.” The guy was well-compensated — somehow “discovering ancient gold artifacts” in Wisconsin, of all places.
This might sound funny and all, but these creeps have been up to all this ever since 1945 (even much longer with the 6 million figure). Jewry has bilked the White countries of the West using “holocaust” crap for decades.
The big brainwashing push was inaugurated with a secret Jew marching around Chicago as a Nazi with a handful of fooled idiots, while the national news media reported on them practically every other night in the late ’70’s.
In 1980, a Jew director had these Nazis in the movie “Blues Brothers” with Dan Akroyd and John Belushi. Remember?
My belief is once they got the black civil rights stuff done, feminism and gay crap well on the way, they could now proceed in brainwashing us White Americans about the holocaust and us Whites being so evil and racist. Eventually, they could promote breeding ourselves away and move blacks into authority positions, by manipulating our race guilt.
Haven’t you had the least suspicions all this has been going on? Christ: It’s so obvious!