Friday, 16 December 2016

PizzaGate Deniers Scream “That’s Not WACK-OFF Art!”

By Phillip Marlowe
There’s lots of idiot nonsense the media and government does want you to believe!
So, I’ve got this stinking lousy Joo homosexual who keeps trying to leave his snarky bull crap comments here (arrested by my Gestapo moderation que software). The little homo recently swore Tony Podesta’s Modern “Art” is NOT “wack-off” porn, but simply “poor little children victimized by such a terrible world, blah, blah, blah.” It never fails to amaze me all the mental contortions of Jews to explain away all the pervert crap they’ve unleashed upon America — a country that stupidly let the dirty creeps immigrate here back in the 19th century once the Czar had enough of their nation-wrecking BS.*
Nobody talks about “pizzas,” “hotdogs,” “dominos” and “cheese” constantly like this in emails. There’s definitely coded lingo going on. Plenty of people think “PizzaGate” pedophiles are real in some kind of way, scaring the hell out of the elitist media power structure who can’t figure out how to stop it from spreading, resorting to a brand new made-up term called “FAKE NEWS,” while also trying to conflate with the idea of diabolical Rooskie hackers working for Trump’s secret little buddy, Vladimir Putin — “the real reason why Hillary was defeated.” Or so they want us to believe.
This Tony Podesta guy is indeed a giant DC lobbyist for the libtard dems. A true swamp critter. And don’t you think “victim artwork” could be a big turn-on for victimizers? Let’s say I have on my walls big blow-up shots of slightly chubby ’50’s gals all gagged and tied up — rough hemp cordage buried deep in flabby pink flesh and faces smeared with cheap make-up — would you not logically suspect I was a big bondage and discipline freak? C’mon man, of course you would!
Or maybe I should just put up realistic paintings of Palestinian children bombed dead by Israel, or mudsharks murdered by Negroes all over my house just so I can feel the pain and get a big daily jolt of “caring too much…. because I’m such a caring world citizen…” Such art would never see the light of day in art galleries in the first place, because the Jewish ADL Thought Police would sic the FBI on them for being “Nazis-who-wants-to-kill-six-million-jews.”
You can look at the artwork Tony Podesta bought from that Bulgarian, or wherever the hell he comes from, and it sure as hell looks like kiddie diddler stuff (images below).

Perversions or just plain pizza loving?

Just try to tell me something is NOT going on with these NWO elitists in DC? The above is only a small sampling of the truly bizarre kiddie victim artwork and very odd Instagram shots by the creeps.
Believe it or not, I’ve taken college classes in Art History and have visited quite a few fancy art museums in my time — including MOMA, Corcoran (home of Robert Mapplethorpe’s nasty sodomite crap) and plenty of other Modern “Art” museums, where they put up deviant “art” like “Piss Christ” where the “artist” emerged a crucifix of Jesus in his own urine — like that was so clever and “edgy.”
These filthy Joos and “enlightened” libtards believe they can freely insult Christianity any damn time they please, but woe upon us should we dare insult the “Chosen Ones,” mudslimes, black “culture” (what a laugh there) or any sick faggoty bull crap.
And you can really tell the media is totally freaking out about this “PizzaGate” business. They fully realize there are plenty of nasty dirtbags in DC and NY who greatly worry about all us regular people coming together to put a stop to the slime. Even being a homosexual is enough for suspicion since so many fags are also big pedos, and they rightfully fear us putting a stop to their newly won homo and tranny “rights.”
Plus, the whole NWO agenda of turning our lands into multiracial hell-holes might be at risk because of Whites suddenly realizing the scam and going full-blown “Nazi” on their subversive asses — as we all should.
I guess these Jews know well what kind of pervert crap is out there, since they have this big thing going on with Nazis so bad. Say what, Cog man? Yep, the dirty little bastards get off big time on concentration camp imagery and SS Gestapo men all dressed up in leather victimizing “poor little Joos,” or hot blond Nazi babes all tied up and crap.
These wacked Jews even have a special pervert media genre called “Stalag” (like the old B&W movie “Stalag 17”); such trash is published in Israel, catering profitably to the Jew’s on-going sexual obsessions with Nazis. Oy vey!

Joos are indeed sick in the head:

A large amount of holocaust crap is simply due to Jewish sexual obsessions about evil Nazis. Movies, books, “Stalag” wack-off mags — you name it. Even “History” Channel “evil Nazi” documentaries are enough for some of these pervert Joos to get off!
You could even reasonably make the case that a lot of the “holocaust” business is really due to the various kinky sexual obsessions filthy Joos suffer from. Hell, they have tons of Jew psychiatrists getting filthy rich working to keep the race mentally together enough so they don’t go bat crap crazy at some synagogue or cocktail party!
JEWdith Miller, FOX News. Can you believe they actually had the gall to bring her on TV to talk about “FAKE NEWS?”
Yesterday, FOX News (so fair and balanced) had on Judith Miller and rat-faced Ellen Ratner to talk about “FAKE NEWS” and the “much needed” efforts to put a stop to it. Both of them are lousy Jews, natch.
What kills me is Judith Miller (right) was a big part of the New York Times propaganda campaign to get us into war in Iraq, by saying Saddam Hussein was building WMDs threatening America — the “home of the brave” (it was sacred Israel, they were really concerned about).
Her kind of mainstream “FAKE NEWS” got plenty of people brutally blown to bloody bits — American boys, too. Just stop and imagine the utter BS to have Judith Miller come on national TV to comment on “FAKE NEWS.”
I guess they think none of us “GOYIM” can remember anything, huh? It’s little wonder the mainstream media has lost all credibility with the American public.
Jews are such incredible hypocrites they can’t even recognize what huge hypocrites they truly are. It’s simply beyond them. No surprise folks down through history have become totally sick and tired of the creeps and gave them the big boot.
Hitler was so right!
*Jews in Russia were the original “domestic terrorists” of the time — bombing and assassinating orthodox Christian Russian Monarchists and politicians in the 19th century. Jewry is actually proud of their actions at the time. They later brutally murdered the Czar, his entire family, the family’s completely innocent staff, various Romanov relatives and hundreds of thousands of Goyim once they took over during the Bolshevik Red revolution of 1917. Joos are totally murderous sickos!