Sunday, 4 December 2016

Rascals, Rogues and Patriotards.

die-jew-hatersThe State of the BS

by Phillip Marlowe
I remember that day when I met Oliver North. At the time, I was a much younger man working for this big organization that will go unnamed. North was running for Senator of Virginia and going around the state glad-handing away (he lost mostly because of the lefty media and a backstabbing republican third candidacy).
At the time, I was in our big storage area retrieving something or maybe working on the technical systems we kept back there out of the way; when in walks the top honcho for the entire organization alongside the department heads. With them was Ollie North, himself. They introduced me and I shook his hand. He stopped and talked to me for quite awhile, probably because I looked him straight in the eye and didn’t fawn over his celebrity status like others did on my department floor.
This was after all the brouhaha over the “Iran-Contra affair.” I was smart enough not to bring all that up, of course. I’m also fairly sure I knew more about the matter than most of my coworkers. That doesn’t mean I was “against” North. Not at all. I knew North was in fact a big American patriot, but at the time I already had some inkling of the dichotomies (big word for bull crap) ensnaring America. I did vote for him, naturally.
Here’s the problem: How could one be a tough guy patriot for America and still be against Israel — our bestest little buddies in the Mideast? Does that mean you got to love stinking Goat Herders and Muzzy terrorist bastards?
I get the issue. Believe you me. I’ve philosophized on the matter for years. I finally, finally came to the conclusion that it wasn’t really a BINARY thing. I say “binary” as a nerdy description, as in “is it on, or is it off?” Don’t the leftys hate the MAN-WOMAN binary keeping us from lovingly accepting faggy transgenderism?GODFATHER ISRAEL LOGO 2
What I mean is: We don’t have to be Israel lovers to still be American patriots. Somehow, these tricky, clever little bastards have made Americans believe patriotism means supporting Israel absolutely, no matter what the creeps ever do — even to us. Ef all that crap. Once you really get down to brass tacks, you will soon realize Israel and Jews are about the biggest GD manipulators in world history!
Let me tell you a little Ollie North story I eventually learned about.
Back during the “Iran-Contra Affair” North was delivering weapons to Iran to get secret money to support the anti-Communists in El Salvador (the Contras). Reagan wanted to put a stop to the Commies who took over the country, but elected officials on “The Hill” didn’t want to get all involved in some pissant Central American idiocy. It was part of the nervousness engendered because of Vietnam.
One of the things North delivered to the Iranians were Katyusha rockets, provided by both Egypt and a MOSSAD agent/Israeli arms dealer named Yaakov Nimrodi — who was certainly working with the blessings of the Israel government (Ariel Sharon — a big war criminal from the get-go). These were surplus rockets the Soviets sold to Israel in a deal brokered by a big Israel lover and “American” Jew named Teddy Kollek, who was also a pal of Frank Sinatra, believe it or not. The money came from rich Jews in the US wanting to “do their part” for the nascent Jew state.
Back in WWII, the Soviets fired tens of thousands of these fairly inaccurate rockets, arrayed in banks of about 15-30 from the backs of US Studebaker trucks against the Nazis, killing many more fleeing German civilians, than “evil” Nazi soldiers. Occasionally, civilians were “speared” by rockets that failed to explode.
Egged on by Jewish NKVD political commissars in the rear with the gear, filthy Commies raped and murdered innocent White people all over Eastern Europe. We never heard much about all that, did we? Oh, of course, we shouldn’t care anything about them since some voted for evil Hitler, right? Funny, how everything to this day revolves around Jewry, doesn’t it?
In fact, by the time of this so-called “Iran-Contra Affair,” the nervy Israelis were already blatantly violating the arms embargo on Iran put in place by Reagan (so beloved by patriotards). Our elected officials quietly demanded Israel stop shipments to Iran but all we ever got was lip service. Iran even shipped oil to the Israel port of Eilat, likely paid for by the money the US gives them every year. As usual, the media never reported one lousy thing about any of this to America. Still doesn’t.
The media whores don't care when non-Jews get killed, like this little girl in Gaza when the stinking Israelis bombed civilians with block busters.
Media whores don’t care when Palestinians die, like this little girl in Gaza the Israelis killed. They only show dead kiddies like that little Muzzie “refugee” boy drowned on the beach when they push for immigration into White lands.
Israel really might be the “Whore of Babylon” talked about in the Bible.
The Iranians later gave the primitive old rockets to HEZBOLLAH, a militia group in southern Syria and Lebanon, who fired them back in ones and twos into northern Israel, killing a handful of Jew Zionists over the years. Talk about what goes around, comes around!
What we’re dealing with is a bunch of crazy bastards on both sides of the fence. We’re not getting anything out of the deal, but the bodies of our boys back at Andrew Airforce base, 6 trillion more in debt and a never-ending stream of lousy Rambo movies Hollywood Jews churn out yearly to jack us up.
America is Israel’s big Macdaddy and practically all the little Jews in the US are bound and determined to keep it that way. In essence, your “American” Jews work as part time little Public Relation f**kers for the state of Israel. They are traitors and fifth columnists for a foreign power, no doubt about it.
Israel is basically a HUGE Jewish criminal operation. Hitler himself predicted Israel would be “a refuge for convicted rascals and a high school for future rogues.”
These filthy Jews all know they control our heads and feel quite free to do what the hell they want, whenever the hell they want. Israel is big buds with China, even selling our secrets and weaponry — including our most advanced Patriot missile system (seems they didn’t need so many against Palestinian bottle rockets).
Ever since the beginnings, Israel caused all sorts of bloody mayhem in the Middle East, which eventually turned into big time “blow-back” our country and our boys had to deal with. It’s little wonder so many Goat Herders now hate our ass!
As I write this, FOX TV talking head, Leland Vittert, is droning away on the TV set. As usual, they don’t tell us Vittert is a big Jewboy, trained in sacred Israel for Zionist brainwashing work in the US (he was recently transferred back from Jerusalem for weekend FOX anchor duties).
Vittert is talking about Rep. Keith Elliot, a black Muslim who some of the multicult crazed dems want to see as head of the DNC. ADL Jews are a tad upset because Elliot was audiotaped at some event asking why “a region of 350 million [Mideast] all turns on a country of 7 million [Israel — brackets mine]. Does that make sense? Is that logic? Right?”
OMG, black guy Elliot apparently must be an evil Nazi! Also, the Senate just passed a bill called “anti-Semitism awareness act” to investigate anti-Zionist kids on college campuses. It passed without one single, solitary NO vote. Any of this tell you the least little thing? Hel-looooh!
Charles Krauthammer is another FOX news Jew rat who came out against Trump.
Hell, turn on your GD TV to see the answer in real time, MOFOS.
Notice how all these phony Jew “patriots” they have on FOX were subtly against Trump — least-wise until Trump won. How about that turtle-faced Jew creep, Charles Krauthammer, that FOX acts like he’s so great? Krauthammer was cleverly and sometimes even openly anti-Trump.
These Jews are GIANT, two-faced rats!
If you’re a White American “patriot” you need to think about this: Manipulative Jews have also been in a silent guerilla war against our race from the start. Why do you think the homies get all stoked up against evil Whitey all the time? Just who do you think is always pushing for immigration of Third Worlders (including Muzzies) into White countries? Who’s always yapping away about America being a “pluralistic” society? “Pluralistic” is Jew intellectual gibberish meaning turning us Whites into a minority in our own lands.
All you patriots need to wake the ef up and join with the real “Alt-Right,” not the pussified “Alt-light” phony patriots who don’t say JACK about the filthy Jews, because they all know deep down they are too chickensh*t to buck the REAL DEAL going down in ‘Murica.
Don’t worry — you can still keep your guns. Hell, we want you to keep them. Capiche?