Friday, 23 December 2016

SYRIA: Christians in Aleppo are rejoicing this Christmas after the Assad government has crushed the Obama-backed jihadist ‘rebels’ and Islamic State terrorists.

For all his faults, Bashar Assad has always protected minority groups in Syria.

Hundreds of residents gathered at Al Azizieh Square in western Aleppo on Tuesday, to watch the Christmas tree lights being turned on, in an attempt to establish some sense of normality in a city that has been a focal point of the Syrian conflict.
The Lefties hate Assad and want him brought down, is it because Assad still allows women dress the way they want to, weather it be in jeans or skirts, or is it because he allows freedom of his people to worship Jesus Christ, or could it be that the people under Assad are allowed to enjoy Christmas and dress as Father Christmas and have fun.

The Left are banning everything Christian and anything to do with Christmas, in parts of Europe and Great Britain, because they do not want to upset the Muslims, they are taking away the traditions of the indigenous people, but Assad is not. The only reason the left hate Assad is because he will not bow to them, so the left tell the masses what an evil man he is, i don't know about you the readers, but Assad seems alright to me, what say you.