Thursday, 29 December 2016

Wilding Black Teens “Mall Brawl” Across America.

By Phillip Marlowe, THE INCOG MAN
On Monday, black “teens” went ape all across the US in malls, egged on by other blacks on social media. Apparently, these primitive apes have somehow mastered keyboards and cellphones to the point they regularly organize giant criminal mobs that ruin civilizations. Let me tell you, it doesn’t take much for this ugly race to lose it. And it’s not just America, mind you, but everywhere this animal race lives on the planet.
Notice how the media says nothing about race. It’s funny listening to these talking heads tip-toe around the obvious fact blacks were responsible. One so-called FOX expert asks “what’s the common denominator?” At this point I scream at the TV “it’s niggers!” since you can easily see it in the videos running on screen. Yet the commentator only goes on to blame “social media.” Yeah, sure. These TV people know well to keep quiet when it comes to black behavior. But you can see it in their eyes they know the real score.
Look, we all know blacks are pretty much animals. Call me “racist” or whatever the flock you’ve been brainwashed by Jewish media to say, but it’s readily apparent blacks are totally worthless, totally criminal, totally SUCK-ASS.
But INCOG, that’s so terrible of you to say such a thing! Yep, I’m angry as hell about seeing the beautiful America of my Forefathers turned into a stinking Third World piss-pot and having to watch these filthy ape-like primates going haywire at the drop of a chicken bone. Call me whatever for simply stating facts!
Over the holidays, blacks went totally criminal; 51 were shot in CHIMPcago alone, with 11 dying. For God’s sake, this is Christmas and they are still shooting each other in the street like dogs. The holy birthday of baby Jesus makes no difference to these crazy jungle beasts.
Hell, I drive carefully on the road Christmas Day just so I don’t accidentally run over some little baby chimp out riding on his brand new bicycle present. But that’s just me being a decent White guy, yet not getting one dime’s worth of credit for being a decent White guy.
Tricia McCauley was a popular and good-looking Washington DC yoga instructor, nutritionist and “Step-Up” actress who went missing on Christmas Day, after she was expected at a friend’s Christmas dinner. A black with an extensive criminal background had removed his ankle monitor before somehow abducting the woman; he then brutally killed her with blunt force trauma and strangling with a ligature. He was busted the next day after robbing a CVS drugstore and assaulting the employees. Seems these animals never take a day off from their criminal hijinks, huh?
Blacks are going criminally crazy all over America these days. Just yesterday a crime gang busted through the windows of some ritzy fur store in Jew York City and made off with millions in furs (goes great with gangsta bling). Black gangs are always doing smash and grabs at jewelry and Apple stores — even in broad daylight — while nerdskies and old rich Jew women customers cower in fear. The other day blacks broke into a gun store, gleefully grabbing up all kinds of dangerous weapons off the racks — soon used to murder other homies and us innocent Whites.
We can’t even go GD shopping at the mall anymore without risking life and limb!
Blacks truly are the bane of America. We need to ship this lousy race EN MASSE back to the dark continent and forever wash our hands of them. Wouldn’t take all that much to convert a few super tankers over to animal transports.