Friday, 16 December 2016

Yes, Virginia: There’s Plenty of Sick Pervs Out There.

Social Commentary by Phillip Marlowe
When Howard Gutman, freaky Jew US ambassador to Belgium, was discovered engaging in pedophilia with under-aged prostitutes, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton covered up the story. The MSM also reported nothing to help her upcoming bid for president.
Sometimes I just have to scratch my head in total amazement on how stupid White people can be. I know that sounds hard to believe me saying that, considering what an evil White supremacist I’m supposedly am, but it’s a fact of life that far too many Whites have been turned into gibbering fools who blindly go along with the latest moral degradations and never-ending social change because we’re told “diversity is good.”
Morally confused America is turning into a field day for all kinds of sick pervs — Jewish or not. And it’s only going to get worse. Dirtbags lick their filthy chops in anticipation!
Upwards of 5,000 children under the age of 18 now go missing each year — with around 130 suspected of falling victim to random abduction by pervert serial killers at large. These are not children from broken homes where one parent runs off with the child because of some judge’s decision, or the mother is a drug-addled mudshark living in an abandoned house in Detroit — soon to be burned alive along with her cute little White daughter by the mother’s totally evil black buck (this horrible crime actually happened).
The fate of these yearly 130 plus missing children are out-and-out mysteries; either the kids stepped through a inter-dimensional portal, were abducted by aliens from another star system, or were snatched up by a murderous pervert pedophile who just happened to be cruising by. See, that’s the thing: No one really knows what happened, except the guilty, of course. And since most of us don’t believe the first two explanations are plausible, it’s reasonable to assume the latter.
Here’s the really, really bad news: As America gets turned into a complete Third World piss pot — swarming with all kinds of criminal non-Whites and even less taxpayers — our police and everything else will become overwhelmed and corrupted. We can easily see how it will be like: In Mexico, mass murders by drug cartels are uncovered practically daily. Black-ruled Africa has always been a nightmare, no matter how much money and infrastructure we give them. In South America, body guards, gated communities and roving death squads are a fact of life.
It’s little wonder why these people try so hard to get here, but eventually things will be just like where they left.
With Jew-promoted immigration of the Third Worlder non-Whites into our lands, America is projected to pass 600 million in a couple of decades. By itself, that means twice as many perverts roaming the streets, but it will actually mean many more times over with how immoral and disgusting Jewish media has become (have you seen “Walking Dead” this season?). And just think about the perversity promoted in schools nowadays — all sorts of bizarre, sick-in-the-head nutcases will be out there, running free, killing and getting killed.
Unless we put a stop to these lousy Jews soon, things will become exactly like what sick Hollywood Jew directors imagine in their twisted little Jew boy heads.

Just how deep does “PizzaGate” go?

Although it sounds crazy, this might be the real reason the media is doing everything it can to suppress PizzaGate. Apparently, there’s a giant International pervert ring involving all sorts of rich and powerful personages locked into the Jewish NWO.
In 2008, CNN’s Richard Quest was busted in NY’s Central Park propositoning a policeman posing as an under-aged teen boy. The creepy bastard was found with a sex toy and crystal meth. But you can still see him on CNN, since he’s a precious Jew, of course.
The other day I watched this revealing Mark Dice video where he was asking strangers on the street whether or not they had any problems with people engaging in incest, because society now allowed homo marriage, so why can’t brothers and sisters also get married, too, he asked. The video really exposes liberal idiocy.
The excuse these moronic libtards used? “WHO AM I TO JUDGE?” they tell Dice. This is exactly what the lousy brainwashing Jew media has created in our race’s head: Let it all hang out — everything’s cool — and if we don’t like something then the problem must be in our heads. Such judgemental thinking would make them “haters.” Watch the video at the embedded link to see how these fools think.
This is the culmination of years of mental conditioning created by the Jews or Satan — take your pick — for turning us decent White people into a perverted mud race.
On a personal note, I picked up on this “let it all hang out coolness” brainwashing tactic last century. Realizing this was the scam they were running on our heads, I paid close attention to who the creeps were behind pushing this kind of thing — yep, it was the “Chosen Ones,” alright. Whether they were working for Satan or not, I couldn’t say positively.
And I dig the ladies just as much as the next red-blooded normal guy. But I was raised to keep it zipped — as in don’t go too crazy on the babes, be a gentleman, etc., etc. I believe women will understand exactly what I’m talking about here, most likely having an experience or two in this department.
Let me just point something out to women right now since I got their attention — the creeps behind turning our lands upside down don’t really care anything about you. Look at the porno industry, for crying out loud. Oh, they might give lip service to it all (especially if it’s White guys misbehaving), but the reality is — you’re on your own, honey.
The biggest reason why the Jonbenét Ramsey case immediately became a media circus is because they thought it was a White perp, possibly even the Christian mother. The media is STILL milking the story to this day!
Let me also tell you another thing: Black men rape or sexually assault White women over 130 times a day in the US. This fact was gleaned from data found in the yearly DOJ 2005 report on crime in the US — they certainly didn’t state that outright, natch, since the government is trying to keep us White people stupid — like the media.
Blacks are HUGE raping dirtbags. I read every day of blacks raping little kids — even babies. I read one recent story of a Texas black passing on HIV and STDs to a 14 year-old and a 2 year-old little baby. Black sexual crimes happens all the time, but the media wants you to think Whites are the big pervs to balance out with black street crime.
The Jewish/Liberal media does whatever they can to hide the true nature of blacks from us White people. This has been going on for decades, actually.
Just go to NEW NATION NEWS to read this week’s crop of black sickos. You will not believe how truly vile this race is!
Taking into account real crime numbers, I probably should have used a black face in my artwork above, but the expression on that dirty pervert’s face says it all. That’s Gary Glitter, a British 1980’s “glam rocker” who was exposed during a big British pedo ring investigation called Operation Yewtree. He fled to Vietnam, where authorities almost executed him for diddling little Vietnamese girls, but instead deported him back to Britain after paying off the girl’s families some ridiculously small amount. He’s now in jail, getting fed fairly decently on the taxpayer’s dole, when they should have told Vietnam to forget it and just let the gooks put an AK round in his noggin.
Norwegian police announced late last month the bust of 51 people involved in a big pedo ring, including powerful politicians. Various US mainstream media deleted the entire story from their web sites last week.
And there’s been plenty of plenty of pedophile rings exposed over the years (one in Norway just recently). But the US media is desperate to keep the lid on these stories now since they are so pro-homo and pro-tranny.
“PizzaGate” has the corporate media scared half to death and making up new terms like “FAKE NEWS” to confuse the masses. Media liberals understand how sick and perverted homos and trannys can be and can’t let us “breeders” realize how immoral America is becoming.
This is all because of our lands being turned completely upside down by the filthy Jews in the effort of re-engineering us into a Jewish-controlled Globalist empire (the NWO).
Jews couldn’t get away with doing this to Asian countries or Africa, since they would be much too noticeable racially and they also didn’t like the idea of leaving the cushy lifestyle Jewry has in our lands. Hell, few of them got the guts to even move to Israel — the “Jewish State.” These same subversive Jew rats have been using blacks against us White people for decades now. Jews are like the biggest backstabbers in all history.
Now the traitorous media is going completely off the rails pushing this “Russian hackers” stuff, in the effort to waylay our brains because of Trump and this “PizzaGate” story going viral on the Internet. People who know computer stuff say it could be ANYBODY ANYWHERE who hacked John Podesta’s emails and dumped the files into the Wikileaks site, probably on a whim.
Besides all this, American intel communities have long known Israeli intelligence and hacking are a much bigger threat than anyone else on the planet, including the Russians and Chinese. This was revealed by Edward Snowden’s stolen files but went unreported, as usual. Jews really do jerk our chains.
We’re being brainwashed on a massive scale by a Jewish/Liberal media now going haywire right before our eyes. No one believes them anymore. They are pushing outright multicult brainwashing everywhere across the media, including all the TV commercials (you’ve seen it). Our young are being turned into little faggot pussies and our women promoted to mate with blacks. It’s unbelievable how obvious all this is.