Monday, 30 January 2017

Doesn’t the British Parliament have anything better to do than vote on Donald Trump’s executive orders?

Britain faces an even bigger threat from Muslim invaders posing as refugees than we do…so please…mind your own damn business.

I have to say well done Theresa May for not backing down or giving in to people like the Labour party, or people from her own Conservative party,such as that idiot Boris Johnson, not forgetting the 1,484,007 who singed a petition. Most people who singed will be the brainwashed students, the UAF and the Hope Not Hate morons, all of them being the unwashed Labour loony lefties.

These are the people that support Muslims coming into the country, these are the people who think everything will be just the same when Muslims take over the UK, what a shock they are going to have, they are mocking now, but they wont be in a few years time.

These idiots that are protesting against Donald Trump, think they are helping the Muslims, well i got news, the Muslims Hate You, they don't care less about you and they will kill you and not think twice. The Koran say's Muslims must Not make friends with none Muslims, but they can pretend to be your friends, in order to get what they want. Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims.
The President of Turkey said, there is no such thing as a moderate Muslim, he said a Muslim is a Muslim and that is that. I think it was David Slime Ball Cameron, that gave the phase moderate Muslim. I had been talking to a Sikh not long ago and he told me to never trust a Muslim no matter how genuine they may seem, he told me that Muslims are the most evel race of people on the planet, i have been saying that for a vert long time.

Instead of signing petitions and waving banners in the streets, think of your future,but more so think about your children's future, because right now they don't have one