Friday, 6 January 2017

FLORIDA: Obama’s Muslim invaders threaten to taser bikini-clad girls unless they cover up.

Two Muslim supremacist savages whom Obama imported at American taxpayer expense, pointed a taser gun at an American family because they were offended that two young girls were wearing bikinis at a swimming pool. The only reason they didn’t fire it was because they knew they were being filmed.

Not sure if the black thing in the corner is a Muslim woman in a burqa or an umbrella table.
Islam. The Religion Of Low Life Pigswill.
Muslims come to the West knowing full well that our way's are very different from theirs. Muslims have no intention what so ever on integrating, the only thing on a Muslims mind is to take over the West as soon as they can.

Muslims are making peoples lives a misery,not only in America, but in Europe and Great Britain. In Germany Muslims raped a 10 year boy in the swimming baths, also in Germany, young girls have been raped in the swimming baths and the Muslims go unpunished because they did not know they were doing any wrong. BOLLOCKS.
In England, hundreds in not thousands of teenage and underage girls have been gang raped, this has gone on for over ten years and it is still happening. Muslims do not follow any of our laws, the only law Muslims follow is the Sharia, which they say will soon be the law in every country in the West.
Barack Obama is a Muslim, in one interview he talks about his Muslims faith, which is available on youtube. Obama can also be seen mocking the bible and mocking Jesus. Obama also say's the Muslim call to prayer is a beautiful thing. Obama should have been arrested long ago for treason, he has the terrorist organization the Muslim Brotherhood working with him in the White house and Obama is doing his best to destroy America by letting in millions of Muslims before he leaves office.
The people in the West must realize that Muslims love to rape, kill and torture, it is the only thing they know, they re brought up with it from birth, they are taught that women are nothing and the only thing they are good for is to have babies and as many as they can, that is why Muslim men have four wives, they are used as baby machines.
In Florida a family is at the swimming pool and two of the girls are in bikinis, the girls are doing nothing wrong, when two Muslims show up and are about to taser the girls but then realize they are being filmed, just think what would have happened if they were not being filmed.
The West is under attack and most people don't realize it because they have been brainwashed by the governments. I will tell you now, that Muslims hate the West and they despise the people of the West. The governments are allowing the Muslims to take over, Muslims are becoming the majority in many countries in Europe and Great Britain and now they are starting to take over parts of America.
Unless the people of the West rise up and say enough is enough, then the Muslims will take over the West just like they are starting to do now. I thank God for Donald Trump, this man will turn things around and he will make America safe again, he will deport millions of Muslims and i hope he will talk Great Britain and Europe to do the same.
Meanwhile family's everywhere arm yourselves with tasers and strike before the Muslims do, it's the only way.