Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Gang of Muslim Immigrants Take Turns Kicking a 1-Year-old German Baby Girl Before Beating Paramedics Attempting to Treat the Infant.

Angela Merkel; ‘..I made this happen..’

1-Year-old German baby girl severely injured after being repeatedly kicked in the face by a Gang of Violent Muslim Male Immigrants

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Migrants kicked a one-year-old baby on a bus then attacked paramedics with belts as they tried to treat the infant.

The shocking attack happened at approximately 9pm on Sunday night in Augsburg, one of Germany’s oldest cities.

Residents were being evacuated following the discovery of a bomb from the Second World War and some had boarded a replacement night bus when a fight broke out.

Several Syrian migrants erupted with anger because of a baby-stroller taking up space on the bus.

Migrants hurled abuse at other passengers before a fight broke out, with four of the Syrian men using the handles on the bus to hoist themselves up and attack women and old people to try and drag them into the fighting, according to an eyewitness.

The migrants paid no attention to anyone in their way, at one point kicking a one-year-old in the face.

Paramedics were called and arrived on the scene to help the injured but the men began attacking them with belts – not letting up until the police were called.

Police have now launched an investigation into what happened.

The incident comes amidst heightened tensions in Germany after the attack on a German Christmas market by a migrant in which 12 people were killed.

What is it going to take before the people of Europe and Great Britain turn on the Muslims and say NO More.

Muslims are taking over Europe and Great Britain, no one does anything. Thousands of girls are groomed for sex in the UK, no one does anything. Women and children are attacked by Muslims, no one does anything. Children are now forced to eat Halal meat in the schools, no one say's a thing. Muslims are demanding the call to prayer to be blasted over the loud speakers for everyone to hear, no one say's anything. A seven year old girl in Germany was raped in a park by Muslims, where was the outcry, again no one did anything at at all.

That is just a little of What these lowlife Muslims are doing. Remember, there is no such thing as a moderate Muslim, they are all one, they are all the same. And now a 1 year old child has been beaten and kicked in the face by Muslims.

What does it have to take before Europe and the UK make a stand. Marching in protest does not do anything in fact the Muslims are laughing at that, but unless people come together in their thousands and demand that thousands of Muslims are sent back. then Europe and the UK will be taken over and Sharia law will be the law of the land.

That baby could have been your child, how does that make you feel, and this is before Muslims have taken over, just imagine what it's going to be like when they do take over, life will not be worth living.

The people of Europe and the UK have to make a choice, you can either sit back and let the Muslims walk all over us, or we can rise up as one and make them wish they had never come to Europe and the UK in the first place. The choice is yours.