Wednesday, 25 January 2017

GERMAN women no longer go out after dark by themselves for fear of being attacked/raped by Muslim invaders.

Where are the German men protecting their women, you ask? Germans say: “The men are afraid of being labeled racist or Nazi because Facebook reports any anti-Muslim migrant criticism to the German government. Even worse, if Germans protest what’s happening, they can lose their long-term rental homes, as well as their jobs. Decades of feminist dominance of their education system has left German (& Swedish) men totally emasculated.”

Last year when PEGIDA led the march in protest of immigrants coming in to Germany, there were 30,000 people that turned out, but where are they now?
If the same amount of people or more turned out to protect their women, there is not much the authorities could do. It is time Europe and Great Britain rose up as one to defend their women, children and country.
What i can never understand is, whenever people do turn out to protest and they are in very large numbers, there is always a line of people saying they can go no further, in most cases there is a yellow strip going from one side of the road to the other with a line of people in front of it and somehow that line of people and that yellow strip stops thousands of people from crossing that line. WHY?
The German government has destroyed Germany by allowing countless millions of Muslims to come in to their country, the Muslim filth are raping underage girls, they are raping women also and they are beating up the men, this is happening all over Europe and Great Britain, the Muslims are out of control and they are taking over. It is time for the people to rise up as one people and defend our women, our children and our countries and the time to act is now.