Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Muslim Family Arrested For Keeping White Couple As SLAVES — Media Silent.

Muslim Family Arrested For Keeping White Couple As SLAVES — Media Silent
Muslim Family Arrested For Keeping White Couple As SLAVES — Media SilentMohammed Riaz (left) and his son, Khuram (right), are on trial for keeping an impoverished Polish couple as slaves, yet the mainstream media is eerily silent.
A family was just arrested after police discovered they were keeping a white couple as slaves, starving them and forcing them to live in a filthy shack outside their home. Inexcusably, the mainstream media has been utterly silent on the issue, which is especially disturbing considering it wasn’t in some far-flung Middle Eastern country but in our own backyard.
While the liberal media continues to howl about fake news, they seem to have forgotten it is their duty to report on real news. Although we can’t expect major leftist outlets to circulate the truth when it comes to Muslim offenders, this case of blatant slavery in the West is being ignored on a massive scale, forcing the very media that these corporate giants label as “fake news” to get the job done.
In a shocking case of modern-day slavery, a Muslim family has been quietly arrested and put on trial for forcing an impoverished Polish couple to act as their indentured servants in none other than Lancashire, England. According to the BBC, which is the only non-local news outlet reporting on this crime, 62-year-old Mohammed Riaz and his 27-year-old son Khuram are on trial for forcing Polish couple Margosha Bienick and Michal Czesniawski into slavery.
The jury was told that in April 2015, authorities found the couple huddled together in a filthy, damp, and moldy “10-foot by 7-foot shack.” In order to keep the pair indebted to them, the Muslim family paid them £4 ($4.82) each day and charged them £7 ($8.45) for rent, a tactic often used in Islamic countries to legally keep slaves.
“He treated his dogs with more respect than us,” Margosha told the court.
The Lancashire Telegraph reports that the couple had to work from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. for the pathetic salary and suffered horrific physical and mental abuse daily. The Muslim family gave the couple a limited supply of food and initially gave Margosha only £1 ($1.21) per day because she is a woman. This is in accordance with the Quran, which states that since women are inferior to men, they should be allowed half of the financial gain as men.
Muslim Family Arrested For Keeping White Couple As SLAVES — Media Silent
Margosha Bienick and Michal Czesniawski were abused, forced to live in a tiny shack, and paid less than $5 a day for forced labor.
The couple had to refer to Mohammed as “Papa” and Khuram as “Boss,” and they were physically assaulted if they angered their masters. Margosha had bruises on her arm left by Mohammed, and Michal was kicked when he disagreed with him.
Adding to the disturbing nature of the crime, the family’s attorney blamed the enslaved couple for their own abuse, alleging that because they were homeless alcoholics, they were the “authors of their own misfortune” and were lucky to be taken in by the Riaz family.
Fortunately, the Lancashire Court wasn’t buying the family’s claims that they were fulfilling a religious duty to perform “acts of goodwill,” charging Mohammed and Khuram under the Modern Slavery Act. Over a year later, this story is still virtually unknown thanks to the media’s liberal agenda.
As disturbing as it is that Muslims are once again enslaving Europeans in the West, this type of barbarity is common in Islamic countries. Because the prophet Muhammad owned dozens of black and Jewish slaves and the Quran justifies slavery for sex and labor, Muslims are allowed to own human beings under Sharia law.
Quran (16:75) – “Allah sets forth the Parable (of two men: one) a slave under the dominion of another; He has no power of any sort; and (the other) a man on whom We have bestowed goodly favours from Ourselves, and he spends thereof (freely), privately and publicly: are the two equal? (By no means;) praise be to Allah.”
Quran (24:32) – “And marry those among you who are single and those who are fit among your male slaves and your female slaves…”
Of course, you’ll hear moderate Muslims (There is No Such Thing As Moderate Muslims) argue that slavery is outlawed in many of these countries, but, just like the Riaz family, millions of Muslims find a way around this by paying their indentured servants just enough to keep them permanently indebted.
Over 14 million black Africans are enslaved in Muslim countries today, proving that the 1,400-year-old Muslim slave trade never died. Still, there’s no outcry from the left or the black community. They are much too focused on perceived racism in the U.S., which often consists of alleging that the country that elected Barack Obama is oppressive and supremacist. While this selective outrage continues, they ironically embrace a religion of 1.6 billion who are instructed to take slaves from those non-Muslims.