Monday, 23 January 2017

Racist (Patriot Not Racist) stickers 'will be removed' after appearing in Aintree Village.

Locals react with anger over 'appalling' message. (Bollocks)

The appearance of racist (Patriot) stickers in a Merseyside village has sparked fury among local people.
The round sticker carries a large W in the middle with the words “Wake up white people, save the white race.”
Today Aintree Village councillor Anthony Carr said he would not stand for that kind if discrimination in his area.
The Labour councillor said: “I don’t want any discrimination in my ward at all. I really wouldn’t expect it in my ward, I’ve never come across it before.
“I do not understand why anyone could want to put this up in my area. I just find it appalling.
“It’s not the British way. The British way of doing things is about stamping out facism.”