Thursday, 5 January 2017

UPDATE: Gun found in car after man shot dead by police on M62.

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A gun has been found in the car a 28-year-old man was travelling in when he was shot dead by police during a “pre-planned” operation.

 The independent Police Complaints Commission confirmed an investigation was underway last night after father-of-two Mohammed Yassar Yaqub died after a police operation on an exit slip road of the M62 at Ainley Top, just north of Huddersfield in the second fatal shooting by armed officers from the region’s forces in just over a month.

 West Yorkshire Police said its operation “related to information received about criminal possession of a firearm” and was not terror-related.

 Relatives of Mr Yaqub were said to be “shocked and distraught” by his death and a statement released by his Bradford-based lawyers confirmed that his family were “fully aware” that the incident which led to his death was the subject of an investigation by the IPCC.

 It is the second such incident in the region in a little over a month, after Lewis Skelton, 31, was shot dead in Hull. IPCC Commissioner Derrick Campbell: “My thoughts are with Mr Yaqub’s family and all those affected at this difficult time. Though in its early stages, this investigation is making good progress but will be complex. We will be working hard to establish exactly what happened and would ask for patience while our investigation continues.”

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