Tuesday, 3 January 2017

WHAT A CROCK! Sharia-compliant media want you to think that Somali Muslims in America need to stock up on guns for protection following election of Donald Trump.

Yet it is the Somali Muslim thugs, freeloaders, and jihadists who have been doing all the terrorizing of American neighborhoods in Minnesotastan. See videos:

Star Tribune  (h/t Grant B) Abdul Yusuf and Jamal Abdulahi hadn’t seen the need before, but a few weeks after the November election the two men went to a gun store and started the paperwork for permits to carry.

They are among the Muslims and members of other minority groups who are joining the ranks of Minnesotans who applied to become gun owners in 2016. For Abdulahi, it’s a natural response to an uptick in hate crimes since the election of Donald Trump.

“Donald Trump has directly pointed fingers at the Somali community,” Abdulahi said, referring to the president-elect’s statements before the election that Somalis are a “disaster” for Minnesota. “It’s something you don’t expect to hear from a presidential candidate. We’ve seen backlash. We are not going to stand [for] that.”

Andrew Rothman, president of Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance, a Minnesota-based nonprofit that advocates for “gun and self-defense rights,” says he’s seeing a growing number of Somali men coming in for gun lessons. “We have always said civil rights are for every population that may be subject to discrimination and violence because of their heritage and other personal characteristics.”

Abdulahi and Yusuf are urging Somali-Americans to “live without fear through Second Amendment right to bear arms.”

Some worry, however, that a push within the Muslim community to get gun permits could place Minnesota’s Somali-Americans in an undesirable spotlight and invoke ugly memories of the Somali Muslim man who stabbed 10 people at St. Cloud’s Crossroads Mall a few months ago.

Somali Muslims fear that Trump’s administration will restrict Muslims from obtaining firearms. “They might put us on watch list or have a special mark on us,” said Yusuf. (One can only hope!)

Abdulahi’s fifth-grade daughter has been taunted in school because she wears a hijab. Yusuf’s wife is unnerved by the looks she gets on the streets. (So, now you can just shoot people who give you a dirty look?)

“This is the right time to start owning guns and protecting ourselves and families,” Yusuf said, adding, “We have schools, mosques and community centers that need to be protected.” (Looking at the videos here, it is Americans who need protection from the Somali Muslims)

Haji Yusuf says, “It is necessary to own a gun just in case there is something that might happen,” he said. “The world has changed — things have not been the same. There are people that are acting out to harm us. It’s a matter of saving my life and my family’s life.” (Then why is it only Americans who are getting killed by you?)

This is is just an excuse for Muslims to buy firearms and start shooting the American people, and they will use the excuse that they felt threatened, it is total bollocks and the Muslims know this. Soon Muslims all over America will buy guns and innocent Americans will start dying.

Muslims will shoot anyone they think is a Donald Trump supporter and it wont be long before Muslims go armed to schools and gun down students who are Trump supporters. Muslims don't need to know the facts before they kill someone, they are brought up to kill none Muslims, no matter what age they are.

It wont be long now before Donald Trump is the President of America and things are going to change for the better and i am 100% sure that The Donald, will put a stop to Muslims buying firearms and those that already have them, will be taken off them.