Wednesday, 15 February 2017

80-year-old Arab Muslim groom and his 12-year-old bride about to consummate their marriage in front of a crowd?

Am guessing this is Saudi Arabia. I wonder if the onlookers with their cell phones are allowed to witness the old pervert deflowering the innocent young child?

Can anyone translate what they’re saying?
What the hell is wrong with these Muslims, they are so perverted it's beyond belief. ALL Muslim males are paedophiles and they bring their sick culture with them, when they come to Great Britain. Europe. America. Canada. Australia and every other country in the West.

Here we have a dirty old bastard that is about to have intercourse with his 12 year old child bride, the thought of it knocks me sick. The young girl did not look happy at all and she was about to loose her virginity while being watched and filmed by all the other sick Muslims bastards who were standing round the bed.

I just hope and pray that the 80 year old paedophile, could not get an erection because of his age and i also hope he dies in his sleep, so the young virgin bride would not have to suffer him touching her. This is disgusting, it is sick ad depraved and should not be allowed to happen.

If anyone thinks this would not happen in the UK, well you would be wrong. Girls are being flown to Pakistan and other Muslim countries during the school holidays and they return to the UK with a husband, but some Mosques in the UK have been known to do a child marriage. Birmingham is one and Bradford is another, also Mosques have been carrying out FGM. Female Genital Muilation, it is against the law to do such a thing, but Muslims do not abide to the British law system, they only abide to Sharia law.