Monday, 13 February 2017

A Priest Has Been Sacked For Objecting To A Muslim Reading Out In Church That Jesus Is Not The Son Of God.

The Catholic Church can no longer be trusted to tell the truth about God, Jesus and the Bible, in fact i think i can safely say that God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are no longer with the Catholic Church, and i'm not sure they ever have been. in my honest opinion the Catholic Church has been Godless for many many years. Thousands of boys over the years have been molested and raped by the Priests and it has all been covered up from Rome.

God said there is One mediator between his people and God and that is Jesus Christ. No going to confession to tell the priest all your secrets, no praying to Mary, the Catholic Church made that up, and no praying to statues. In the book of John, Jesus said I Am The Way The truth And the Life And NO ONE Comes To the Father But By me. But yet the Catholic Church has lied to to the Catholics ever since the Catholic Church begun. The Romans crucified Jesus Christ, but later it was the Romans that formed the Catholic Church.

One of their greatest lies was the invention of Purgatory in the middle ages, the Church wanted money, so they invented Purgatory, a made up place where they said the souls of the dead go to be cleansed before going to heaven, but if the family's of their departed ones were to pay the Church so much money, the priest would send up a prayer and the departed's soul would be released and go straight to heaven.

But now the Catholic Church has committed total Blasphemy, they have sacked a priest who objected to a Muslim reading from the Koran in his Church, the Muslim also said that Jesus was not the Son oh God. It's not the first the Church has allowed Muslims to read from the Koran and pray to Allah, this has also happened in Germany. But the Bible does say that in the end times, people will fall away from the truth and follow deceiving spirits and demons, well the Catholic Church sure as fallen away and it has fallen to the Satanic spirits and demons of Islam and the Muslim faith.

Would Muslims allow a Priest, a Vicar, a Minister or a Pastor, to pray in a Mosque, no they would not, and if they said anything about Mohammed, they would not walk out alive. but yet the Church allows a Muslim in to pray and preach from the Koran. Shame on them.