Sunday, 5 February 2017

Black Militant Accidently Reveals His White Chick Porn.

Here’s Daryle Lamont Jenkins on MSNBC, undoubtedly trash-talking Trump with that ridiculous bull dyke, Rachel Maddow. Anti-White black militants have long been supported by big corporate Jew media for decades, hell, wordy idiot and racist anti-White, Michael Eric Dyson, is now on TV everywhere promoting his new book “Tears We Cannot Stop: A Sermon to White America” (a book pushing Whites to pay our hard-earned money into individual bank accounts for slavery reparation). Note on how he feels free to “sermonize” us Whites. Just imagine a pro-White writer sermonizing blacks over something getting that kind of positive media exposure?

INCOG NOTES: Normally I don’t bother with BS like this since there so much bigger crap going on against us White people. But I can’t stand this militant fat Negro one bit, so I had to run it. This Jenkins creep is such is a total hypocrite. He has this operation called “One-People’s Project” solely to attack Whites who stick up for our race. Just imagine this lousy creep raising hell about “racist” Whites all the time, while at home gets his rocks off to porn videos of White women — degraded by porn Jews into doing sick crap on camera with blacks. Now do you know why I get so angry with the BS?
A fat retarded Negro named Daryle Lamont Jenkins associated with Washington DC anti-fascist groups unintentionally revealed his porn collection to reporters the other day. He along with other anti-fascists held a press conference to provide reporters information that they alleged would expose James O’Keefe of Project Veritas. As Jenkins showed an old image of O’Keefe that he claimed linked him to White supremacy he tilted his iPad revealing an impressive collection of pornography. Much of it showed White women in compromised sexual positions.
Talk about an idiot. More details below.
From Daily Caller:
Anti-fascist activists had a difficult time pushing back against James O’Keefe’s investigative reporting during a planned press conference Thursday. They got kicked out of a food court, but not before showing pornography to a reporter.
The DC Antifascist Coalition had booked a room at the National Press Club to hold a press conference in which they would unveil damaging information about O’Keefe and his group Project Veritas. In the lead-up to President Donald Trump’s inauguration, Project Veritas released videos which resulted in the arrest of a member of DisruptJ20 and foiled a plot to use stink bombs at an inauguration ball.
A few of the almost ten people present grabbed food, and it was liberal activist Daryle Lamont Jenkins turn to speak. Jenkins is the executive director of the One People’s Project, which seeks to expose white supremacists in the conservative movement. Jenkins proceeded to speak about a photo he released in 2010 of O’Keefe at a conference which included white nationalist Jared Taylor.
Jenkins decided to show this photo to the journalists present at the food court table and turned his iPad around horizontally. This reporter was seated across Jenkins when he turned his iPad around and the photo of O’Keefe became a thumbnail in Jenkins’ downloads folder surrounded by dozens of thumbnails of pornographic videos.
Jenkins showed off his porn collection for around 20 seconds before turning his iPad back towards him and exclaiming, “What the hell?” Most of the thumbnails appeared to be of white women in compromised positions. Jenkins went on to talk about his efforts to “beat back” racists in American society.
After the black activist spoke, it was Jason Charter’s turn, who claims he was beaten after infiltrating a New York event O’Keefe was speaking at. Charter did not get to speak for long as the security guard told us our time was up and we had to leave to the food court.