Friday, 10 February 2017


Britain is headed for total disaster! British birth rates have collapsed and immigrant/Muslim birth rates are very high.

Within a few short years, the British people will be a minority in their own country. We are headed towards civil war and bloodshed.
Civil war is about to erupt on the streets of Great Britain within the next few years, this will be the time that Great Britain finally wakes up from it's slumber and decides to do something about it, but alas it will be way to late to do anything about t.
For years the right wing parties were warning the Brits of what was to come, but they were met with cries of Racist and Fascist and of course the brainwashed UAF and Hope Not Hate were trying to cause as much trouble as they could. The Media didn't help either, because they always took the side of the loony left.
What got to me was, everyday the Daily Mail would write things like Muslims want to ban Christmas. Or Muslim leaders are telling Muslim men to make more babies to outnumber the indigenous Brits, or Muslims demand Halal meet is used in all the British schools, then they would write things like Muslim grooming gangs are raping White British girls with some being underage, or Muslims will be the majority in England in a few years from now. But as soon as the right wing parties were saying things like the media were saying, the media was shouting Right Wing parties are racist and trying to stir up trouble and they were saying just the same as the media.
It was the British National Party that first let everyone know about child grooming, in fact it was party leader Nick Griffin that first brought it to the attention of the press and the Labour run councils would try to have Mr Griffin imprisoned for telling the truth about what was happening, but the Labour party had already brainwashed the British people with their lies, that they would not entertain what the real truth was and now we have a situation were Muslims are now already the majority in many towns and cities in England and the English are now the minority.
There are Muslim Labour Party MPS all over Great Britain, there are also Muslim Mayer's in many towns and cities and the worst one of all is a Muslim Mayer of London and he has links with terrorists. Sadiq Khan as also give a warning to America, saying that if Donald Trump stops Muslims from entering America, then Muslims will attack, so Sad Prick Khan is already making threats to America.
Muslims are using the Labour party for their own means, they have already said that they are going to start their own party and when they do, they will be elected, because we the British indigenous people will be the minority, and the Muslims will bring in Sharia law, every White girl from the age of six years old up to 12 years old will be taken from their homes and they will be made to go through FGM, which is Female Genital Mutilation, this is were Muslims use a razor blade and a knife to cut out the girls clitoris, then the vagina is sowed up with just a small opening left, the girl will then stay that way until she is forced to marry, the parents will have no say in the matter, or they will be killed, in fact we will all be killed if we refuse to become Muslim.
This is NO joke people, this has been planned for years. Some of you may say that you have Muslim friends, the answer to that is No You Don't, you only think you do. The Koran tells Muslims to befriend none Muslims, so as to make the none Muslims think that there is nothing at all wrong with the Muslim or the Muslim faith. I don't know if any of you watched the TV Documentary on Channel 4 or not, the program was called Undercover Mosque, the presenter of the show was a female who dressed in the full black bin bag gear from head to foot and only had her eyes showing, she had an undercover video camera hidden under what she was wearing and she began to film what was going on.
One Muslim student asked the female Muslim teacher, how gay's should be dealt with, her answer was they must be thrown off an high mountain, in other words off very high buildings with their hands tied behind their backs.Hundreds of gays are being thrown off high buildings all over the Middle East. Pakistan and Afghanistan, it's on You Tube, it's in the papers, and there are video on Facebook, or just type it in to Google. The same will happen to all the gay's in the West, when Muslims take over and bring in Sharia law.
The next question asked by a female student, was can a Muslim have none Muslims as friends, the answer was NO, but the Muslim teacher told her students, they can pretend to be friends with a none Muslim, to gain their confidence until the time is right for the Muslim to ask their pretend fried to become a Muslim like them, the teacher then said, if they refuse, kill them.
In other parts of the Mosque children were filmed being beaten by the imam, for not being able to recite verses of the Koran, children even had chairs thrown at them. It will not be long before England is under Sharia law, with that come, hangings, beheadings and people being stoned to death along with what all the other evil that comes with Sharia law.
All this is going to happen because of the Labour party back in the 1980's and it's also the fault of all the Labour party voters from the 1980's up until now. You were warned but no one would listen and now all the children growing up today, will all be under Islam within the next ten years from now. The Far Right are NOT racist, they were just fighting for their country that's all, and to make a future for their children. The lefties have lied to you and you have fallen for their lies and because of that, we will loose our country.