Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Dirty Black Bastard Killed Cute Ohio State Student.

How much more of this black crap are we going to take White people?

By Phillip Marlowe
Super cute and popular Ohio State University student, 21 year-old Reagan Tokes, went missing after she left work last Wednesday night at a Grove City, Ohio (suburb of Columbus) bar hangout for college kids. On Thursday afternoon, someone found her nude murdered corpse in Scioto Grove Metro Park, shot in the head. She was kidnapped and almost certainly raped by yet another ugly ape preying on us decent and fair-minded White people out here.
Chances are, the black animal dumped her dead body there after having his way with her elsewhere. It really could have been anywhere, hell, he could have taken her back home, or shared her with his homies, for that matter. He still shot her down like a dog after doing his thing. Just imagine the utter fear that gripped the poor girl when she was kidnapped getting into her car and told to drive. She probably begged for her life.
The black animal, Brian Lee Golsby, 29, had already served 6 years for armed kidnapping and rape. And I bet you that victim was a young White girl, too. Blacks are indeed animals, who get busted for rape, molestation and various forms of public indecency all the time. Little children, old ladies, makes no difference for them to rape and murder. Hell, mangy stray mutts in the ‘hood risk getting raped by these filthy animals, no lie. I’ve read plenty of disgusting stories of blacks committing sexual acts on helpless little animals and often torturing them to death. Blacks are totally sick in the head.
A spokesman for the Tokes family said:
“Words cannot express how saddened and heartbroken we are to have lost 21-year-old Reagan Delaney Tokes; daughter, sister, niece, granddaughter, goddaughter, cousin and friend to so many. We will always remember Reagan as a vibrant, loving, young woman who embraced life. She made a positive impact on people, was enthusiastic about everything and brought laughter and joy to all who knew her. She had a genuine compassion for all people, and anyone who knew her loved her. She truly enjoyed being with her many friends and cherished the time she spent with her family.”
Usually, when Reagan left work she had a male bartender escort her to her car. But for some reason, she didn’t that night. Maybe he was too busy taking care of some loud-mouthed black customers demanding special courtesies, even though blacks tip for crap. Negroes are the absolute worst customers for any wait staff — especially if you’re White. Everyone knows it.
Reagan’s caution about going to her car tells you the neighborhood is now overrun with black crime. In fact, there’s plenty of places where this might have happened. I remember reading and writing a story a couple of years ago where the good-looking White woman victim, Khrista Ibarolle, moved out to the country to escape urban crime (read: blacks), but was shot down like a dog by some crazy black madman in the parking lot of a restaurant where she went to celebrate her GD birthday.
A black will shoot you, stab you in the gut, bash your head in with a found piece of 2×4 lumber in a minute to rob and rape you. Hell, the bastards will burn you alive just for giggles. Blacks are totally violent, sadistic bastards. The women often are, too.

We need to start HANGING these worthless black apes, by the neck — UNTIL DEAD.