Friday, 10 February 2017

Islam is an evil faith that could be banned in Australia, Senator Hanson says.

One Nation Senator Pauline Hanson called Islam an “evil faith” replying to Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews comments who said that the terrorist plans of attacks in Melbourne were evil, but they were not motivated by faith. She also said that Islam worries her “greatly”.
“I am sorry it is an evil faith. You put the two together because that what it is”, Senator Hanson said on Tuesday during an interview with Miranda Devine.
Senator Hanson quoted the Koran’s foreword that compares the Book to a constitution that everyone must be obliged: “No person can afford to be ignorant of the Koran for it is the constitution revealed by Allah to regulate and govern human life.”
“People say that this is religion of peace. It is not. It is religion of control and submission”, she emphasized.

The One Nation leader suggested that Senate should call for an Inquiry to make an authoritative verdict. If an Inquiry will be able to prove that a contemporary form of Islam is an ideology then it will contravene the Australian Constitution. It will allow the government under 116 section of the Australian Constitution to introduce the legislation regulating or, as Senator Hanson is planning, even to ban the ideology.
“I think that for the future well-being of this country I think that we need to follow through that”, Senator Henson stated. “A lot of people are concerned about it. The government is in fear to do anything about it”, she explained.
Senator Pauline Hanson asserted in an interview that she became concerned about security in Australia after her first national security briefing in Parliament.
“They have admitted that there is a problem in the country with terrorist threats, and protecting Australia”, Senator Hanson informed.
Ms. Hanson revealed her strategy to ban Islam in Australia if it can be determined it is a political ideology.
“We need to determine whether Islam really is a religion or it is a political ideology”, Senator Hanson stated in an interview. She emphasized that many experts are becoming convinced that Islam is an ideology.

What ASIO and the authorities are doing now is a great job. And I got to say that. But they are stretched to the limit. Absolutely.
When asked whether she would consider the US President-elect Donald Trump’s idea of extreme vetting of the Muslims refugees coming to Australia, she said: “of course”.
“I know people that they are in fear of going to shopping centre or train station now. They are in fear. I feel sorry for them and I hear them”, Senator Hanson stated.
She added that the government ignores her concerns.
“It is like shutters go down. They are not interested. I can’t seem to get through the barrier”, she said.

Senator Pauline Hanson speaks the truth when she say's she can't get through, no one can get through to the lefties, it's the same in Great Britain, America. Canada and Europe it's the same all over the West, the lefties hate their own people and love the Muslims, the frightening thing is, the lefties don't think that Muslims will take over any of the countries in the West, well i got news for the left, the Muslims do not care one jot about the left helping them, the Muslims will turn on them just the same as they will turn on everyone. Muslims are vile people, they love to rape and kill, which the left will fine out soon enough.