Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Lying Media Attacks Trump Over Sweden Comment.

Swedish politician Ylva Johansson has worked hard over the years to import Third Worlders, like Somalis and Muzzies, into Sweden. Amazingly hypocritical, considering she’s a hardcore feminist and they treat women like dirt. Although probably a big fat Jew herself, she is definitely married to a Jewish former politician now working for Goldman Sachs international. No big surprise there, huh?
By Phillip Marlowe
Can you believe the lying media these days? It’s astounding the levels of BS these creeps are stooping to. If you understood the real situation and how low these bastards are going, then you, too, would be as furious as myself.
In 2013, African immigrant and career criminal, Doudou Yembadjunga Ahoka, beat to death a White 15 year-old boy and a 57 year-old White woman with an iron pipe in Ljungsbro, Sweden. Swedish media blurred face and lightened image of the perp — if they even showed it at all. Photo above is from pro-White Swedes who exposed the lefty scam using the original Facebook photo.
I was watching that stinking little punk anchor, Tom Llamas, on ABC’s Sunday night dinner time news show, doing a report on Trump saying something fairly minor in his Melbourne, Florida speech about terror attacks in Europe, of which there’s has been a multitude.
Trump merely said something happened in Sweden the night before. Well, maybe not a terror attack happened exactly, but certainly some native Swedes were beaten, robbed, raped. Swedish girls get gang-raped all the time by dirty Muzzies. Like France, city-wide arson storms happen all the time, too. Migrant street crime is constantly censored by leftist media.
To help fellow anti-Trump leftists in the US, the Swedish Embassy in Washington pretended not to know what Trump was talking about. The lying US media latched onto that like a pit bull on a bone — all to paint Trump as a nut job. Llamas was his usual media self — his TV face jerks every which way as he spouts his ABC reporting (he’s completely over the top trying to inject emotion into his onscreen delivery). The guy is such a phony! We got ourselves a media blatantly brainwashing the country.
Here’s another “Swedish” Jew politician working to flood Sweden with Turd Worlders. Mona Sahlin is a Jewish feminist lezbo.
Everyone in Sweden knows immigrants commit violent crime every day of the week. Your leftist Swedes won’t say anything, of course, trying to make everyone think blacks and Muzzies are so sweet.
People, people, this is not some kind of wild and wacky “conspiracy theory.” These lefty media Jews are quite obviously trying to screw Trump over no matter how. Just watch CNN for five lousy minutes — that is if you can stomach the lefty bile.
Have you noticed how they are trying to make it out like Trump’s new administration is failing all over the place? Simply because the lefty judges in the Ninth district court upheld some judge’s rip-off ban against Trump’s well-justified efforts to stop Muzzie immigration from terrorist nations?
Most White nations have been hijacked by dirty Jews in the media — long brainwashing us into becoming liberals, as they continue the Jewish NWO agenda of turning our lands into Third World crap holes so they don’t have to fear Whites having enough demographic power to all Nazi on their asses.
We really need to take back our lands and start incarcerating these filthy GD Jews in concentration camps or deporting them right into the jungles of Africa. You think I’m being all hateful? These creeps are clearly destroying our lands from within. They are truly enemies within the gate.

Swedish Jews and fooled liberals:

These dirty Jews have unleashed all this immigration crap in our lands. The real question is: When will Whites finally get it?