Tuesday, 7 February 2017

MIGRANT CENTRE IN FLAMES: Injuries and mass evacuation after fire ‘started by resident’

A MIGRANT hostel was at the scene of a dramatic rescue bid last night as the building was ravaged by fire.

Firefighters battled the blaze at the asylum seeker home where 83 people jumped to safety from the windows in Bad Homburg, Germany, on Sunday evening.
Five people were injured in the fire as rescue crews descended on the scene.
One person hit his head when he missed a landing mat and four others suffered smoke inhalation.
One man jumped from a window in a bid to save his own life before other residents were rescued by fire crews, local reports revealed.
Men and women jumped from the buildingEPA
A fire in a German migrant camp has seen 83 left homeless
Fire destroyed migrant hostelEPA
The fire destroyed the migrant camp in Bad Homburg.
The fire began in a first floor flat and spread “quickly” through the building at around 11:25pm.
A 20-year-old resident was arrested on suspicion of arson.
The man was said to have told the rescue workers that he had set a mattress on fire in his room.

Another man who had disturbed the rescue workers and ignored the instructions had been taken into police custody.
Residents were forced to spend the night in a gym hall.
Fire ripped through German hostelEPA
Blaze ripped through migrant camp in Hesse, Germany.
Schools and community buildings in the town of Bad Homburg have been emptied for migrants' use.
Bad Homburg in Hesse has a population of 53,000 but has seen a large number of migrants resettled there.
The incident is not the first case of a migrant setting fire to a camp in the country this year.