Saturday, 4 February 2017

Must Watch Video.An Ex Muslim Gives A Warning To America about Islam, this is for the UK too.

Please watch this video and then show it to as many people that you know and get them to do the same, if you are still skeptical about the dangers of Islam, you won't be after watching this short video by this Ex African Muslim who say's if we don't wake up now, then our children and our grandchildren will be forced to become Muslims or die.

WAKE UP!!! Obama has sold us out, he is trying to destroy the great country of America. He is a traitor and a liar, he works for the Muslim terrorists, he supports them, and supplies them weapons of mass destruction, through the CIA and secret organizations. He is also selling us out to the United Nations, who want to try and control us, by taking away all our guns. The UN is Sharia and Luciferian based doctrine. Basically they are backed by the DEVIL himself. NO JOKE FOLKS. The UN are basically a criminal organization, that want total control over the entire world. They want their god lucifer to be at the head of all things. THIS IS NO JOKE FOLKS. They hate Christians and true Jews, we are the only ones that stand in their way.

This video is not only for America, but it is also for Great Britain. Europe. Australia and all the other countries affected by Islam. Let us make this video go viral. I for one do not want to see my Children or my Grandchildren become Muslims, but this will happen if we don't do anything about it, it will be turn Muslim or die.

One lady on American TV the other day pointed out, that the TV  is there to keep you trapped, just how many people sit in front of the TV glued to it, well that is the whole idea, it's a form of brainwashing. How many times as your children asked you to play with them and your reply is, later i'm just watching something.

While we are brainwashed by the TV, the Muslims are busy training to take over the West. When the time comes to defend our countries, and our family's we won't be able to fight our way through a paper bag, we will be totally useless. after watching the above video, watch it again and really take in everything the Ex Muslim say's, then get ready for the biggest battle of your lives, because it is coming and we all need to be ready.