Thursday, 9 February 2017

New muslim mega mosque has speakers that can be heard up to 15 miles away…locals are absolutely livid.

A new Muslim Mega Mosque to be built in the centre of Birmingham will have a speaker system that can be heard 15 miles away, and will broadcast the call to prayer across the city 5 times a day.
The mega mosque has been granted special permission by Labour led Birmingham City Council to have the giant speaker system installed due to a special provision of the Local Communities Act 2008 which allows religious groups to break noise abatement laws.
The speakers will be louder than a jet engine and will be heard up to 15 miles away in Solihull and the Black Country. The speaker system will primarily be used to announce the call to prayer in Arabic 5 times a day, starting at 5 o’clock in the morning, angering some local residents that they will be woken up even though they aren’t Muslim.
Terry Gardner, a painter and decorator from the outskirts of Birmingham had this to say: ‘Its nonsense that I’m going to get told to pray five times a day, even though I’m not a Muslim.

This is the start of Muslims now showing their superiority over the English people with the help of the Labour party. The Labour party have been wanting this to happen for years, ever since the 1980's when Tony Blair and Gordon Brown decided to destroy England.
Blair and Brown said that England was to White and it must be changed, so they sent out parties to Afghanistan. Pakistan. Turkey. Iraq. Africa and every country in the Middle East, they were sent to offer them a life they could not refuse.
The immigrants were offered furnished homes with all their gas and electric bills paid for and they were given TVS, with no licence to pay for. They were also given benefits every week that added up to a lot more than the English people on benefits got.
And so the Muslims came in their millions and they are still coming in 2017, but now Muslim family's get placed in to two million pound homes with flat screen TVS, also the English people are placed at the bottom of the housing list while Muslims are put at the top.
The Labour party did this to wipe out the White race, they give Muslims permission for their own Sharia law courts and they were allowed to build Mosques in every town and city. Muslims now tell the schools what meat they can use and all meat must be halal. Muslims also now tell the major supermarkets what meat they have to sell, which is halal, it's the same with all the take a way's and all the pizza huts, it is all halal, the Muslims are taking over everything.
What the Labour party doesn't realize is, they are being used. It was Labour that allowed Muslims to become MPS, it was Labour that allowed Muslims to become Mayer and it will be the Muslims that are soon to turn their back on the Labour party, because they are to start their own party. It was Labour's plan for Muslims to take over England, but Muslims are now taking over the whole of Great Britain.
Muslims in Birmingham have been given permission to build a mega Mosque fitted out with loud speakers so the call to prayer can be sent out five times a day, starting at 5-30 am. England is now on it's way to becoming an Islamic country and there will be no stopping it and the English have been that brainwashed that they are to afraid to stand up and do something about it.
There is no future what so ever for our children and our grandchildren, there will be no life for them, they will be given two choices, become Muslim or die, that will be the situation in ten years from now, this is all down to the Labour party and all the people that voted for them.