Friday, 17 February 2017

NO CONTEST! BBC vs Sebastian Gorka. BBC FAKE NEWS.

Sebastian Gorka should be the official spokesman for the Trump administration everyday.

Sebastain Gorka Tells the BBC that they are fake news, and the White House are going to start using Twitter and YouTube to get the news out to the people, No longer can they stand the BBC and CNN and all the other mainstream New stations.

The BBC hate Donald Trump, they didn't know which way to turn when he was elected President. The BBC like CNN are left wing and both news stations were saying that Hillary Clinton was going to win and Trump had no chance of winning, how wrong they were Hahaha.

The BBC are well known for broadcasting to Pakistan and other Muslim countries, the BBC and the Labour party go hand in hand and they will do whatever they can for Muslims, they will lie through their teeth for them. For instance, if a gang of Muslims attacked a gang of White people, the BBC would say, a Gang of Muslims were provoked  by a gang of White people, they were shouting racist names and spitting at them, causing the Muslims no choice but defend themselves. That is how the BBC would turn the story around and tell total lies about what really happened.

I would imagine that CNN work along the same lines as the BBC. Donald Trump knows just how they work, he knows they are anti White and he knows they are anti Right Wing, so Donald Trump is now going to start using Info Wars with Alex Jones, because they bring the whole truth to the American people, they expose the liars for what they are. Another patriot network they will use is News with Gary Franchi, they will use Twitter and You Tube, they will also use News media that are NOT left wing supporters.