Sunday, 5 February 2017

Restore America’s Sanity: Arrest George Soros!


You can bet his lefty son Alex would make his escape to Israel where they don’t have any serious extradition treaties with the US — but love taking our taxpayer’s money. You need to publicly fix that situation pronto.
Dear President Trump, Sir!
Us decent White Americans simply love the stuff you’re doing to shake up all those swamp critters and elites in Washington, DC. But can I be nervy enough to suggest a quick and easy way to put out a serious message to a whole host of lefty creeps now giving you hell? A “shot across the bow” kind of thing?
Publicly arrest George Soros. Yep, you should do it. I’m certain the US Justice department and the Security Exchange Commission already has enough on the Globalist trouble-maker to put together some kind of insider trader charges and issue a warrant. Dispatch a SWAT team to nab his bony old ass when he’s in Manhattan. SWAT team, you might ask? Absolutely: What better way to garner great visuals for media people who just happened to get a phone call from “persons unknown” right before the arrest. You know how the little bastards operate.
It’s a no-brainer: Lefty idiots will merely consider Soros as another evil WHITE male. This fairly simple act will also show you’re not beholden to the Wall Street billionaire class, too. The PC-twisted media won’t say all that much about Soros’ Jewishness, if at all. Should anyone dare say a word, just tell them “what’s that got to do with anything? I’ve got a Jew son-in-law, for chrissakes.” Apparently, that means little to these psychos.
Busting Soros would put a stop to his subversive, lefty Jew activities against the Western World. He’s been up to this for decades. Putin and Russia smartly kicked his ops out of their country last year (RT video below). Of course, there’s plenty more Jews just like him long busy driving America insane, but maybe the example of Soros getting arrested by SWAT would give them pause long enough for your administration to fix a few things and gain even more endearment among “the masses.”
Oh, yeah, and I know you can’t mention “the J-word” in the matter. We all know these creeps will declare WAR should any Whites dare point out any crimes committed by the sacred Jew. It’s all part of the giant Jew “PC” head job they’ve been up to for decades and what’s really behind the efforts against you.
Yes, arresting Soros would appeal to the Bernie Sanders crowd “big league.” Tell them you’re sick and tired of privileged Wall Street milking Main Street America. Let’s say you have evidence of Soros playing games with our dollar (everyone will believe it since he’s already done it). Tell people you’ve had it with such selfish “globalist oligarchs” jacking up America’s grocery bill, while they jet-set around like self-elected “effendi” (Turkish boss man).
Hell, call Soros a “rootless cosmopolitan” and stand back to really hear Jews howl!
Don’t worry if Soros gets high priced lawyers to fight the charges or if fellow lefty Jews in the media call it “TRUMPed up” charges (get it?). The whole point is to ARREST HIM PUBLICLY. Might be nice to work it out so a magistrate immediately declares him a flight risk and denies bail. With his kind of dough and criminal Jew cohorts overseas, he would definitely fly the coop.
Arrange for Soros to get transported to an actual prison like Riker’s Island for awhile, so he can personally bond with real street homies and tranny sodomites. Let’s see if he makes any more big donations to radical anti-White left wing causes like “black lives matter” after that wonderful diversity experience!
You can do the same thing for that big-mouthed Jew clown, “Senator” Al Franken (left), who gave your cabinet picks a ration of crap for no good reason other than pandering to lefty psychos. Let’s open a full Federal investigation on the absentee ballots using names and addresses of ineligible felons that put him in office. You can bet his election cronies did a little name gathering down in the ‘hood for “insurance” during the 2008 Minnesota campaign efforts. Well-paid insiders (who should easily be ID’d) conveniently found just enough extra votes to give him the seat. Ask his Jew opponent Norm Coleman all about it and broadcast the interview.
Just think about all the criminal Somalis these backstabbing lefty Jews brought into White German and Swedish Minnesota over the years. I’m also quite certain a little digging around would reveal all kinds of sick sexual revelations on Al Franken. How the hell this former Saturday Night Comedian (he was a boring idiot) thought he was senator material is frankly amazing. But that’s Jew hubris for you.
And how about that husband of Huma Abedin, Hillary’s top advisor, Anthony Weiner (right). This guy is such a total sleazeball punk it’s not funny. For awhile there, he was always getting caught sending dirty notes and shots of his chubby to little girls on the Internet. But I guess that’s a change, since most Jews usually have a thing for little boys. He definitely needs to get his squirrely butt locked up, like yesterday.
Or how about Robert Creamer and his voting scam operations uncovered by Project Veritas? Light blast and re-edit the secret video clips for a big “60 Minutes” story, you insist CBS run. Arrest the lefty punk and a few of his democrap cronies for election tampering, if you want to stay non-Jew controversial (he is married to a big time liberal Jew congresswoman) for that first shot across the bow. Plenty of conservatives would be ecstatic to see this guy arrested.
Of course, you always have Madame Hillary to fall back on.
Let us not worry unduly if Soros is acquitted down the road and flees to Monaco or Israel. The point will be made merely by his embarrassing public street arrest. Besides, he doesn’t have all that long to live since he’s so old. Confiscate whatever financial assets you can get your hands on and declare it a contribution to the restoration of America. Damn greedy little Jew will probably croak right then and there.
The message to subversive left-winger Globalists in the US will be you had better shut your foul traps and get with the program. This will give you enough needed breathing room to set our ship right.
Respectfully, Phillip Marlowe
Looks like the Rooskies got this punk’s number!