Saturday, 4 February 2017

REVEALED: Obama Muslim Scandal EXPLODES…Shocking Proof He BETRAYED America!

This is INSANE.

Evidence has now been revealed that Barack Hussein Obama’s administration helped fund terrorist activities overseas, which is treason by itself.

Further, the FBI has now confirmed that the “vast majority” of Islamic organizations and mosques in the U.S. are part of the larger Jihad organization. This blows the liberals argument that Islam is a “religion of peace” out of the water.

However, it gets even darker than that. This newly released report details exactly how Obama bent over backwards for people that had come into America through illicit means.
Obama’s foreign policy seems to have been connected with major ties to groups that want to spread Sharia Law throughout America, and Obama was receiving council from these people. No wonder Obama seems Muslim!!

“The Muslim Brotherhood has one main goal, to infiltrate and take over the United States of America and make Islam the dominant religion of the country. This is made abundantly clear in the ‘Muslim Brotherhood Plan for America’ document.”
And the video gives more alarming details.
“‘The work in America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the western civilization from within and sabotaging its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so it is eliminated and Islam religion is made victorious over all other religions,’ said Brigitte Gabriel, President of ACT for America, on the video, describing what was in the document from the Muslim Brotherhood. ‘Is this clear? They don’t mince words, do they.’”
Gabriel also said the last page of the document shows 29 different groups who’ve committed to advancing those Muslim Brotherhood goals. And number one on that list?
The Islamic Society of North America, ISNA. ISNA served as an advisor to Obama on Middle Eastern policy.
As Gabriel said, the news blog reported:
“So we not only have the fox watching the hen house, we have the fox inside the White House dictating policy in the ear of the president.”
Truly, the fact Obama is gone from the White House isn’t just a win for conservatives, or for free market advocates, or for those who want less regulatory burdens or better business opportunities or just lower taxes.
Those are all good ideas that President Donald Trump supports and has the know-how to achieve. But the bigger relief with Obama’s step-down in power is this: Now Americans can breathe a little bit easier on the national security front.
Obama wasn’t simply a doddering old man, incapable of providing adequate security to the U.S. citizenry. He HID thousands of recovered Al-Qaeda documents…why?
He was actively pursuing alliances and policy proposals that undercut security for American citizens – and having Trump in charge, is just a big sigh of relief for us all, no matter the political party.

Barack Insane Obama, is and always has been a Muslim. He was brought up a Muslim, his father was a Muslim and he went to a Muslim school where he studied the Koran and he was NOT born in America.
Obama was born in Mombassa Kenya August 4 1961. Four day's after Obama was born, his Mother flew to Hawaii and registered Obama's birth in Honolulu as a certificate of live birth which omitted the place and hospital of birth. Donald Trump knew all along that Obama was NOT American, but he was sick and tired of  the press and the news channels getting on his case, he decided to say that Obama was born in America so they would leave him alone and he could get some peace, but he knew the truth but kept quite about it.
The Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization and the first thing Obama did when he became President, was to move the Muslim Brotherhood in the White House with him, if that is not treason, then i don't know what is. 
Obama has sent millions of dollars to the terrorist organizations all over the Middle East and Afghanistan. Pakistan and Africa. Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood have had thousands of Christians murdered in the name of Islam and let us not forget that Isis was started by the American government. They have blood on their hands and they have gotten away with everything they have done.
For eight long years Muslims have have been running America and not one American came out in protest. Not one American came out to protest about the Christians being murdered in the Middle East. Not one American came out in protest of American hostages being held, who were later beheaded. Not one American came out in protest of Benghazi, which Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama ordered soldiers to stand down and because of that,Chris Stevens was brutally murdered and dragged through the streets. For at least three weeks Chris Stevens begged Hillary Clinton and Obama for help,but they turned him down WHY? Could it be because the American government was not going to shoot down the same people they are funding and sending money too.
It is all there in the emails that that Hillary Clinton destroyed. Hillary Clinton is the most evil woman in America, she has had so many people killed because she knows she can get away with and not one American came out to protest about any of this.
But as soon as Donald Trump announced he was standing for President, the Americans came out of the woodwork, they came out from everywhere and they came out to stand with Hillary Clinton, the same woman that started Isis, the same women who covered up any hostage situation and the same women who covered up Benghazi and the same woman who wants open borders, she also want's millions of Muslims to come to America without them even being vetted.
And then came the Saviour of America which is Donald Trump, a true patriot who loves America and loves the American people. Donald Trump was voted in as President of the USA by the people who are sick and tired of cheats and liars and up to now President Trump has done more in one week than Obama did in eight years. Trump is already bringing jobs back to America, he is going to build the wall he promised and he is making sure that any Muslim that enters the USA is vetted first.
Donald Trump is trying his best to make sure the American people are safe from harm. A lot of people do not realize that Muslims are allowed to pretend to be your friend, the Koran tells them to do this, to gain your confidence, but they are using you. There are now people protesting on the streets with banners saying let Muslims in and the Muslims who you think are your friends have got you just where they want you and before you know it, they have taken over your country,
In Great Britain, most of the Brits have been brainwashed by the Labour party and because of that, they have welcomed in Muslims and now in England, the Muslims are the majority and the English are the minority. Muslims are taking over. Hillary Clinton and Obama want the same to happen in America.
Don't be fooled America, the government are coming after the students because they are young and very gulible, now there are thousands of students protesting with banners saying Trump is not my President. Well Trump is your President and he is doing his best to keep America safe and that includes the people who are against him.
The sooner Obama is arrested the better it will be and that goes for Hillary Clinton too, then the American people will really see them for what they really are.