Wednesday, 22 February 2017

The Black Race Truly is Ugly and Brutish — BIG TIME.

By Phillip Marlowe
Yep, I used to be a lot like you. I remember hoping and wishing and wanting a world just like they show on the telly (not that I’m British) where all your peeps of color are so sweet and nice and work so hard to improve themselves without using the race card and Affirmative Action to take advantage of the rest of us. What a joke. Leftists have been pushing this idiot rainbow vision on Whites for decades. Blacks turned out to be militant White-hating racists — plus, totally criminal like they’ve always been.
Stop and think about it for a moment: We’re supposed to think blacks are just like us and we’re expected to welcome them to our bosoms lovingly. For over 50 years Jewish mass media has been systematically brainwashing Whites with race guilt and thinking blacks are so great. Total cow manure!
Blacks have proven themselves time and again as unworthy of living among Whites. They are criminals, rapists, murderers. In addition, they are a huge financial albatross around the neck of hard-working Whites and the civilization we created. If they had it so bad, they should just move back to Africa and build up their own countries. But they won’t because they all know they got it nice here in America — milking the race gravy train, Affirmative Action, collecting all kinds of special government benefits and happily eating at MickeyD’s with government cash card EBTs paying the freight.
You know something else? Blacks don’t care one bit if you’re a big liberal pushing for “diversity.” In fact, that would make them laugh uproariously when they knife you and rape your wife or daughter right in front of you. They think you’re a big foolish idiot. Blacks hate you just because you have White skin. Isn’t that your definition of racism?
Blacks are totally animalistic and violent. Used to be a time when black churches kept some of them in line, but that’s gone to hell and a handbasket in the last couple of decades with the promotion of rap “music,” the gangsta lifestyle and general Jewish media immorality — that’s also turning us Whites into sickos, too. Hell, turn on the TV and they have realistic gore, sexual acts and dirty words everywhere now.
The promotion of violence and sex has always been a major revenue stream for the GD filthy Jew!
Almost all of your streetwalkers are black homosexuals and druggies who cater to rich city Jews, including bearded orthodox Hasidic rabbis. Note the hands on the monkey-like specimen above.
But it’s not only black “culture” promoted by these evil forces (I quote culture since that’s truly debatable). Blacks are constantly jacked up to hate White people. Anytime some black gangsta boy gets plugged by a cop (for good reasons or not) the media plasters it all over the boob tube like it was the end of the world. They don’t even wait one second to find out if the poor widdle black was engaging in a criminal act or threatening the officer. They don’t care one bit, since the blacks must always be so innocent and forever oppressed by evil Whitey.
You can see all this on TV on a daily basis. These evil forces are clearly manipulating America to push “White guilt” and Negroid empowerment.
Blacks are total perverts and criminals. Just visit NEW NATION NEWS every couple of days for recent examples of sickness and street crime out of this dirty, filthy race. You will simply not believe how disgusting and criminal blacks truly are.
Also, you need to understand these animals kill us innocent White people all the time — you just don’t hear about it since the media does everything they can to keep us in the dark. They don’t want Whites to “get it.”
Little wonder why so many blacks are in prison considering how disgusting and criminal they are. Lamin Darboe, a nurse’s aide was caught “in flagrant delicti,” on top of and raping a White elderly stroke victim in her hospital room.
Most of America’s wealth is spent not on the military but spending money taking care of the completely worthless black race — either in massive prison complexes or those out of jail with welfare payments, EBT cards, food stamps and sundry other government freebies like Section 8 money so they can live in decent White areas (that soon turn to crap). That’s what the government is after — making Whites pay taxes so blacks can live fairly nicely (unlike say, Africa or Haiti).
Just one neighborhood alone in Louisville, Kentucky (Beecher Terrace) cost the state 20 million dollars a year in policing, prison and various other social program expenses. All of those special government efforts they’ve created over the decades in the attempt to alleviate black poverty and criminal behavior have all come to naught. Nothing has ever worked. Why? It’s simple: Blacks basically suck.
Can you think of any black-run country worth a crap? How about any African civilization (not including black college professors and History Channel lying about Egypt and Carthage)? And do you believe this race deserves it’s own history month? Or really invented much of anything worth a flying flock? Peanut butter? What a laugh there. Peanut butter was long invented by South American Amerindians. And it’s only cooked and mashed-up peanuts for crying out loud.
It’s truly amazing how stuck-up blacks are — especially so, when it’s readily apparent the race has always sucked — big time.

Blacks are the ones really racist

Blacks fully get away with Anti-White racism all the time. Why? Because the Jews have got us European Whites so cowed with political correctness we can’t say a damn thing or else everyone will scream bloody murder. Blacks find our pathetic situation quite humorous and bilk the race bit for their advantage constantly. Note the half breeds banking on blackness to advance themselves in today’s Jewed America.
Blacks have all kinds of special black things — TV channels, Congressional Black Caucus, magazines, media award ceremonies, clubs, schools — you name it, the spoiled rotten racist blacks have it. Imagine any group or organization calling itself “White?” They would be having fits all over the place! It’s crazy how much blacks get away with.
Blacks are truly ruinous to the country as a whole. Unless, of course, if you like basketball and that totally ridiculous Rap mumbo jumbo they call “music.” Just listen to how incredibly stupid it sounds as they jump around on stage jibber-jabbering that crap out, while wearing some idiot street clothing they think is cool. It’s really nothing but primitive jungle beats like they once used to do in sub-Saharan cannibal villages.
Hell, just take a good look at any nearby blacks the next time you go out shopping. Disgusting, ape-like and arrogant creatures — they think they own the country now. But be careful, they might scream “racist” and stick you in the gut with a stolen butcher’s knife from the Kitchenware department!
This whole business with “diversity” has been a giant scam on the White race. In fact, Whites are too damn good for our own sakes. Say what? Yep, the (((real punks))) behind all this bull caca fully realized that and have been milking our emotions and sense of fair play for decades. Brainwashing our race into going along with our own racial destruction.
Yep, it’s all apart of a long-running Jewish NWO plan to gradually whittle us down and subsume our race into the Third World — while at the same time turn us into pathetic weaklings and faggots. Hell, you can see the brainwashing on TV all the time!