Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Then again…if you had to buy gifts for four wives, you’d probably want to have Valentine’s Day banned, too.

Muslims believe that celebrating Valentine’s Day is an insult to Allah. Maybe that’s why, when they arrive in the West, they want to rape every girl they see.

Mohammed/Allah had no idea what valentine's was, so how can they say it's wrong, i'm pretty sure Valentine's day is not written down anywhere in the Koran, so there are now thousands of Muslims marching with banners saying No Valentine's day, but they have no idea why.

One thing i do know is Muslims are not allowed to fall in love, they have no idea what it means to love someone, all Muslims have arranged marriage, they have no idea what each other looks like until nearer the marriage, they might hate each other, but that is just to bad, they have to get married and that is that. So judging by that, Muslims must be so damn jealous that we in the West, date our women and then fall in love and then get married, because we want to and not by force.

Muslims come over to the UK and then try to demand that everything we do is banned and now that they are coming the majority, they are trying to ban Valentine's day, they are also trying to ban Christmas. Easter. Halloween. Birthdays. Anniversary's. In fact they are trying to ban everything and make us all become Muslim.

The most frightening thing though, is Muslims are now begining to take over the UK and Europe and within the next Ten Years, if we sit back and do nothing, then they will take over everywhere and they Will ban everything.

I hate Muslims with a passion. we need a Donald Trump sort of guy as the Prime Minister. Trump has already had hundreds of illegal Muslims rounded up and they are all being sent back, we need the same thing to happen in the UK too.

                                          F**K MUSLIMS.

                                   HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY EVERYONE.