Thursday, 9 February 2017

Trump Won’t Say What Obama Warned Him About.

By Phillip Marlowe
I watched it in real time: Maxine Waters was in front of a bunch of reporters calling for the impeachment of Trump, telling them he was buds with evil Putin, who just invaded Korea. What a dumbass, I chuckled, she means the Ukraine or Crimea, of course. I really need to write about that dumb black bitch here on my hate site I mentally noted.
Well, like a lot of things going down today, I can’t write all the time. These Negroes are indeed idiots. I could literally write 24/7 about this dumbass race and their never-ending street crime. Fortunately, the folks over at Daily Stormer also saw Waters say that and did a page on it so now I concentrate my pontificating on something else much more important to the US (so much Jew crap, so little time).
Blacks really are moronic. I can’t begin to tell you all the stupid crap I’ve read them doing or seen with my own two eyes in real life. Sure, you might have a few smart ones with stolen White genes (like Obama) trotted out on TV so we think blacks are so smart and heroic. Unfortunately, this doesn’t only brainwash Whites and steals jobs from us, it also makes blacks arrogant and all the more wacked in the head. Do a little non-PC mental extrapolation to see the bigger picture.
But something very interesting was said during the second part of O’Reilly/Trump interview that should have everyone talking. No, not the bit in the first part that the media has been yapping non-stop; where Trump says he wants to get along with Putin and America has done bad things, too (we have). No, it was what Obama said to him on the way to the inauguration ceremony that Trump would not repeat. In the limo, Obama told him to watch out for one specific country. O’Reilly goes “China?” Trump says not China, but won’t repeat just what Obama said.
As that Commie Jew Bernie Sanders says “This is HUUUUGE.” Or should be, if we had a media that was truly free. This is indeed something they should be yapping non-stop about. Methinks they know it’s best to ignore.
Right after the second part of O’Reilly’s interview was broadcast on his FOX show Tuesday night, he brought up some presidential historian (can’t remember the name, it something something Meacham) who did point out this line of questioning in the interview and suggests “North Korea” as the country Obama warns Trump about. O’Reilly suggests Pakistan (or vice versa, I can’t remember) as the one Trump needed to watch.
How about Israel, might I suggest? I thought that immediately when Trump related his story. Israel makes more sense on many levels, plus I’ve personally had DC swamp critters tell me the same thing, albeit in hushed whispers.
One, Trump can freely talk about any country on the planet — any but Israel. All the politicians and media is muzzled when it comes to Jews and Israel. And Trump is always sucking up to Israel. Putin ass kissing? Hell, his and everyone else’s Israel ass kissing is far more obvious.
Another good possibility is that Obama warned him about the CIA. The dark forces of Langley or the “Deep State” CIA. Trump immediately went to the CIA on the first full day of becoming president, interestingly enough.
Oh, I know that sounds all conspiratorial, but it’s true: It’s virtually certain the CIA harbors a secret Zionist faction behind so much crap going on in the world. This faction’s activities are plainly obvious: Protect Israel at all costs and further the “Jewish State’s” Mideast Agenda regardless of what it costs the USA or innocent lives — including all us American citizens.
What we got going in America is a perfect storm of militant black idiots, Zionist traitors and a media who thinks we’re all a bunch of dumbass niggas like Maxine Waters — even us White people.