Thursday, 16 February 2017

Woman sparks outrage by urinating on Koran and burning it while threatening to hunt down Muslim 'parasites'

Video thumbnail, Woman causes outrage by URINATING on Koran before burning it in vile YouTube videoA woman has caused outrage after she filmed herself urinating on the Koran before burning it and declaring war on Muslim "parasites".
The unidentified woman is seen in the clip standing in front of the Slovak national flag with the Muslim holy book which she insults, urinates on and then sets alight.
The dark-haired protester made the clip in a forest in Slovakia and can be seen tearing out pages before pulling down her trousers and weeing on the book.
She then pours petrol over the pages and cover before setting it alight.

Woman causes outrage by urinating on Koran and then burning it
The woman rips pages out of the holy book and sets it on fire 

Along with the physical attack on the book, the woman also makes threats to the Muslims in "her country".
Speaking to the camera she calls Muslims "parasites" and says: "I will hunt you all step by step. No matter if it is a woman, child or man. I will bump off anybody who will be in my way.
"I do not care about the criminal complaints. It will not stop me. I have a message for everybody, including the police - nobody will stop me."

Woman causes outrage by urinating on Koran and then burning it
After holding the book up to the camera, the woman squats down and urinates on it 

Police have since confirmed numerous complaints were made to them about the shocking video, and it is believed they are investigating the case.
It is reported that she has fled to Finland.
Slovak criminal law expert Lucia Kurilovska said the video is "extremist" itself, the very thing the woman is claiming to be against.
Total respect to this woman for what she has done and for saying what she is going to do. They say if you want anything done then leave it to the woman, because it takes a woman to show the men how things should be done.
For to long now, the Muslims have been taking over and demanding our freedom is taken away from us. Muslims already have over 85 Sharia law courts in the UK now. They have said when they take over the UK and Europe Sharia Law will be put in place and with Sharia law comes Hangings. Beheadings and Stoning people to death.
Sharia law allows Muslims to marry 6 years old girls, it also allows Muslims to have have intercourse with 9 year old girls, Muslims have sworn to take every girl from the age of 6 years old from their homes, as soon as they take over, then they will be put through FGM, which is Female Genital Mutilation, where a knife and a razor blade are used to cut off the girls clitoris.
The woman from Slovakia knows what is going on and she is not in the least bit scared to say what she is going to do, in fact she is putting the men to shame, while they sit at home pretending that nothing is going to happen. This woman cares for her country, this women cares for the future of the children this women cares for her people. This woman has not been brainwashed by her government or by the media, she is alert and is ready to take on the Muslim parasites full on. Are You.

If it were a Muslim ripping out pages from the bible and setting it on fire and then weeing on it, the media would not want to know. If it were a Muslim declaring war on the Christians and calling them parasites, no one would bat an eye, no one would care less, it's called double standards and the media are full of them.