Sunday, 26 March 2017

CIVIL WAR IS COMING:Anti-Muslim prejudice ‘is moving to the mainstream’ all over Europe.

The “counter-jihad” movement in the UK is expanding rapidly, according to new analysis showing that 24 different far-right groups are currently attempting to whip up hatred towards Muslims and provoke a cultural civil war.
The most comprehensive report yet into the alliance of international counter-jihad organisations warns that Islamophobic groups in Britain are capitalising on public concerns following the Paris attacks and ongoing refugee crisis.
Next month, the former leader of the English Defence League, Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, often known by the pseudonym Tommy Robinson, will make his political comeback by fronting the relaunch of the UK arm of Pegida, the German anti-Islam organisation whose provocative rhetoric has prompted attacks on refugees.
The report, by the anti-racist group Hope Not Hate, chronicles 920 anti-Muslim organisations and key Islamophobes in 22 countries, noting that such groups are becoming increasingly well-resourced, particularly in the US, where eight foundations have donated more than £38m since the 9/11 attacks.
Nick Lowles, Hope Not Hate’s chief executive, warned that in Europe the hatred of Muslims “was moving from the margins to the political mainstream” while in the UK violence and prejudice against Muslims was likely to increase as far-right groups exploit tensions over immigration and homegrown jihadism.
“The very fabric of our multi- racial and multifaith societies is going to be severely tested in the next few years and it is incumbent on us all to strengthen the bonds that unify liberal democracies,” he said.
On Friday, Scotland Yard said Islamophobic attacks in London had more than tripled in the wake of the Paris attacks. The Metropolitan Police are still hunting a man who hurled a can of petrol at the Finsbury Park mosque last month in what the Met described as a “clear and deliberate attempt to cause arson”.
Among the UK organisations cited in the report for driving organised hatred against Muslims are the Infidels, an anti-multicultural group with increasing Nazi leanings, and the South East Alliance, a non-sectarian group linked to the National Front.
Following the decline of the EDL, the report identifies Britain First as the most prolific counter-jihad street protest group in the UK. Despite employing provocative tactics that include invading mosques, it has more than 1.1 million “likes” on Facebook. Yaxley-Lennon, lauded as an inspirational figure by both the militant and political wings of the counter-jihad movement, has more than 109,000 followers on Twitter.
It is time for Civil War and the time is NOW. Muslims all over Europe and Great Britain are attacking and raping people, they are also Killing people, In the latest incident in London. Theresa May has told the nation that it is wrong to call the attack Islamic Terrorism. Well Theresa May, what the F**K is it then?
Whenever Muslims attack, the government always use the same old story, which is the Muslim/Muslims are now being treated as mentally ill, the government couldn't use that story line this time, because the Muslim bastard had been shot dead, so they came up with it is not a terrorist attack. David Slime Ball Cameron used to say the same.
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Great Britain no longer belongs to the indigenous British people and the government are lapping it up. We can not depend on the government and that also goes for the police. We are totally on our own and the only way now is for Civil War. But it is no use going out with just 200 people, it has to be in the thousands, because once civil war starts, there is no turning back.
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