Saturday, 18 March 2017

FAKE NEWS: Getting More Ridiculous By The Day.

By Phillip Marlowe
MSNBC’s lesbian anchor Rachel Maddow’s big TV revelation turned out to be a big bust, making her and Hillary libtards everywhere look totally stupid. As usual.
The bull crap is getting thick these days, hasn’t it? Seems like you need to don on a pair of Orvis breathable chest waders just to watch the news, for chrissakes. The leftys are bound and determined to make Russia a target of hate for the US masses because it’s both “PC” acceptable and lines up with Jewish NWO Geopolitical objectives.
That inane lezbo clown on MSNBC, Rachel Maddow (right), totally screwed up when she made a big deal on Twitter about obtaining Trump’s 2005 tax return (illegally given out by somebody, somewhere). But “The Donald” completely outfoxed the skinny bull dyke, by quickly releasing the tax documents in advance that showed he paid far more taxes than anyone ever expected.
Hell, Trump shelled out more federal taxes in 2005 (38 mil) than Obama and that closet catamite they call a female wife, Michelle, did in 15 years (about 6 mil). In fact, Donald Trump has done more for this country even before his inauguration than Obongo ever did while serving in office 8 lousy years. Idiot libtard democraps are not going to let America get that. Just like the “diversity” BS inflicted on White America, Obongo boy has a been HUGE failure.
I guess little Miss Lezzie Maddow won’t be getting her big Jew Pulitzer prize so she can gaze fondly at it while her fugly lover (who grossly looks like her mother) cuddles up to her late at night. It constantly amazes me who the Jew media bosses think they can get away with putting on the screen, like Maddow and that smarmy Jew punk on CNN, Brian Stelter. Fortunately, their whole “paradigm” is collapsing as we speak (more below).
NBC news honcho Andrew Lack has been totally exposed. They look like rats, because they are rats!
In fact, Jewish media has obviously been trying to destroy Trump, going back long before the election. Jews like NBC news honcho Andrew Lack (right) have recently been exposed as purposefully releasing embarrassing material like Access Hollywood’s “Pussygate” video they already long had — trying to turn it into a “October Surprise” that would help Hillary. These dirty Jews are complete rats!
This Russians did this/Russians did that BS has clearly gotten way, way out of hand. They keep going on and on. They insist that all us bozos out here in TV land think the dirty rotten White male hetero, Donald Trump, colluded with the evil Rooskies to steal the election. Liberal Hillary wack-jobs just can’t let it go.
If anything, it’s these lousy Jews destroying America’s democracy!
Now they are accusing the Russian government of ruining the big time career of feminist CEO of Yahoo, Marissa Mayer. Seems the twat ran the company into the ground with poor business decisions and was finally given her walking papers by the board of directors (along with 23 million smackers in severance). Liberals are doing a bundle job conflating her incompetence with the supposed Russian hackers who ruined Hillary’s quest to be the first female president.
This never-ending Russia/Putin crap is a big WITCH HUNT — a psycho craziness the rotten liberals in media are stoking up because they hate Trump and can’t handle Hillary losing.
As you might have noticed, the only WITCH HUNT they like to continually remind us of is the 1950’s Senator Joseph McCarthy exposure of Jew commies in Hollywood and government. Every minute they got to remind us of poor Jews suffering from us evil right wingers back during the “horrifying too White” 1950’s America (like the Hollywood Jew movie “Pleasantville”), or the evil White Nazis in Europe the previous decade. That’s along with never-ending racism accusations (including “Stealth Racism”), the slavery and Jim Crow BS movies used to protect the ever-so-innocent noble Negroes.
What you are witnessing is the standard models of Jewish Mass Media brainwashing, are now in a free-fall collapse due to the saturation levels of PC brainwashing have been exceeded — along with people on the Internet exposing the whole rotten deal, myself included, if I may be so bold as to say. A huge “paradigm shift” is now in the offing and the stinking Jews realize they don’t have the control necessary to stop it. The natural paranoia of Jewry always destroys the bastards in the end.
Critical thinking among the “proletariat” is what the dirty rats fear most. They know pitchforks and goose-stepping in the streets might soon follow.
I believe these Jews got something planned soon. I can feel it. After studying these rats for years and how they colluded among themselves, you can bet they have something big coming down the pike. They can’t let the proletariat (us Goyim) awaken at a rate like this or we’ll put the whole long-running “Agenda” at risk.
Expect another big false flag event in the near future or some other evil event of which I can’t really talk about here without some risk, unlike what dope smoking rap star “Snoop Dogg” and his Jew music video director did to threaten the President, or his rap star gangsta nephew, “Lil Bow Wow” (who threatened to kidnap and “pimp out” First Lady Melania Trump). They can get away it with freely since they are black and we must always protect people of color’s “artistic expression.” LOL.
The lousy left feels free to insult White America any GD time they please, but the hypocrites “go ape” should any of us Whites dare to say a word about their slime.
The thing these lousy Jews have an advantage over us, is that too many people still can’t get how these backstabbers collude among each other to keep us Goyim in the dark. Just look at their eyes when they are on the screen talking about this and that.
Also, pay attention to the people they put on for “panels.” It’s usually a couple of Jew globalists/intellectual types, a White female liberal cat lady or cutesy babe, a black guy who can speak reasonably understandable. Man, if you’re black and can speak without resorting to “ebonics” you can really milk the PC crap today!
It really doesn’t take much to see how these rats operate. Just pay close attention.
PS: Earlier today, I did some great speechifying to a couple of young White millennial guys at a Smoke Shop. You could really see the lightbulbs going off! I always look for any opportunity to alert my fellow Whites.