Saturday, 4 March 2017

It’s Now Open Season in Hating White Men.

By Phillip Marlowe
The Aliens must be checking us out, with the way our crazy little brains operate. Certainly since Aliens don’t like the idea of Earthlings discovering faster-than-light travel and suddenly coming out of warp speed into their home solar systems — armed to the teeth with man portable nukes, belt-fed Rambo SAW machine guns or whatever newly invented plasma ray gun.
Think about that 1997 Sci-Fi movie “Starship Troopers.” The Fascist but still somehow PC world government has a propaganda spot where a schoolteacher giggles like a maniac as her kiddies crush bugs under futuristic silvery boots (would you like to know more?). The movie cleverly makes big ugly bugs humanity’s future mortal enemy. Everyone hates bugs, right? I get told all the time to kill a bug found in the house (if possible, I toss them out in the backyard to live, or at least until a songbird eats them).
Our brains are wired for conflict. Big time. And in today’s Orwellian NWO, there’s always got to be someone or something for the masses to hate (Kim Jong-un, Vladimir Putin, Iran, ISIS). I know that sounds like I’m turning pinko and gay, but it’s a fact. Here’s another thing: White hetero men have been deemed by the (((social engineers))) as acceptable targets for social race hatred and derision. Hell, any idiot or baddie character in the media and TV commercials must now be White. Or occasionally a chubby little North Korean in need of hugs.
And democraps just can’t accept the fact their corrupt old granny Hillary lost. It’s obviously driving the leftys insane. This is what’s really behind all the “evil Putin did it” business. It’s wacked how much the media is pushing this election meddling BS down our throats (Wikileaks insisted the Russians had nothing to do with it).* They are bound and determined to embed in our febrile brains that “Hillary, liberals and multiculturalism didn’t fail in 2016 — it was Russians colluding with another racist, effin’ WHITE MALE — Donald J. Trump.”
During early news coverage, PC media was noticeably disappointed when the San Bernardino husband and wife killers turned out to be radical Muzzies and not racist White men. They love seeing White perps being responsible.
FAKE NEWS like this is also called “the Narrative” by those now getting clued into the over-all PC scam getting done to our heads. PC propaganda has become quite noticible as the saturation point of Jewish brainwashing has finally arrived. This has plainly got the backstabbers worried.
More Hitler documentaries are called for!
I saw a fairly common example of “the Narrative” the other day on CNN where they were just getting around to talking about street murders in CHIMPchago. The talking head said White males are the ones mostly behind mass spree killings — as in some kind of stupid balancing act for the homies gunning each other down in the streets over dime bags and payback for getting dissed.
It’s always anything but black behavior responsible for black behavior. Hell, some liberals and blacks even blame slavery for blacks killing each other, if you can believe it.
This “White men gun crazies” is a carefully crafted MEME, or “the Narrative” put out there by a White-hating, diversity-touting liberal media. Actually, blacks, latinos and especially Asians snap all the time and “go postal” (US mail people hate that term). And I’ve read plenty of stories of blacks massacring innocent people at work places — often even because the co-workers were simply White (which would be racist if one of us did it).
South Korean immigrant psycho, Seung-Hui Cho, murdered 32 at Virginia Tech in 2007.
Hell, technically the biggest US spree killings was by a Muslim Semite homo at the Pulse bar just last year in Orlando (49), followed by a Jamaican Negro, David Burke, crashing an entire passenger plane and horribly killing 42 innocent people back in 1987. A Muslim crazy, Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel, ran over and killed 86 with a truck also last year in Nice, France. An Asian policeman, Woo Bum-kon, killed 56 in a wild murder rampage in 1982 South Korea.
You just don’t hear of such stories constantly like they do for White males, since the Jewish media goes out of it’s way in protecting violent, criminal blacks and other non-Whites from too much negative exposure. Bad for “diversity” brainwashing.
Another thing the media does is blow some little thing way, way out of proportion. If you’re a White target on the radar, anything you say or don’t say suddenly becomes fodder for the creeps to talk about CONSTANTLY for days on end, like it’s another Watergate, for crying out loud.
Look at that business with Kellyanne Conway briefly touting Ivanka Trump’s merch on TV while in the White House. They acted like the woman committed a murder or something when everyone of us regular folks out here thought nothing of it — realizing she was simply talking off the cuff when her girl Ivanka was trashed by liberals at Nordstrom.
Hell, they started up some bull just the other day when a shot of her sitting on a couch with her legs up under her cute little tushie, while a “people of color” delegation was visiting Trump. Her minor casualness in the Oval office was actually called racism if you can believe it. Liberals are totally wacked!
OMG, what we now know about the evil racist White dude from Alabama! Hillary lovers just can’t seem to give it up.
Now they got another stupid thing going on. They are attacking AG Jeff Sessions simply because he met with the Russian ambassador and forgot to tell that total Jew joke, “Senator” Al Franken — a guy where there’s a real photo of him dressed in diapers and pink bunny ears. Go HERE.
And did you see Franken at Trump’s speech before congress this past Tuesday night? He was slouched over with his face buried in his hand looking all bored like a recalcitrant schoolboy in the Headmaster’s office. Franken and disrespectful liberals didn’t even bother to stand and applaud the widow of the Navy Seal who was killed.
God, I can’t stand these filthy Jew liberals one iota.
BTW: All of this Jeff Sessions and Michael Flynn intelligence “revelations” are a last minute “rat f**king” leaks by Obama and dirty rotten liberals infesting Washington, DC. Probably PizzaGate pedos. Stinking Obongo boy is reportedly setting the stage for getting back into politics, according to Eric Holder — best buds with Jew liberals.
Can you believe the absolute gall of some people? We probably need a war to really drain the swamp.
Wax faced loon, Nancy Pelosi, is even calling for Sessions to resign. That creepy old bitch needs to retire and move away to Israel ASAP. Especially after pushing the ruinous, WH Jew-designed ObamaCare down this country’s throat and then happily bragging about it.
Let me ask you something: You think the media would give a flying rat’s ass if one of Hillary’s peeps met the Russian ambassador if she won the election? Like hell no. You wouldn’t even hear a word. And when was the last time media liberals were big cold warriors fighting the Reds? Well, maybe not Reds anymore, but you get the idea.
You see, that’s the thing with “the Narrative.” Jew media has control and will use it to brainwash America any GD time and way they please.
Let me state something else: There isn’t any race or whatever that hasn’t been murderous at some point on the planet. Whites, Germans, Christians, Jews (yep), Mudslimes, Rooskies, Spics, Chinks, Negroes, A-rabs, Pakis, Injuns. About the only ones I can think of that didn’t do a whole lot were Eskimos (unless you’re a seal or polar bear, of course).
Stew on that, mofos.
To understand the real dynamic behind our PC-enforced artificial reality by the supposedly so caring liberal media, just think about who they never, ever report much about.
*It’s quite remarkable how FOX news mostly promotes “the Russians did it” explanation. FOX is actually part of the globalist PC “diversity” agenda, once you step back and look at the big picture. Us Whites are getting screwed royally by a long-running Jewish program of White genocide — you can tell if you pay close attention to what the Jew pundits really say.